Welcome to the
Electric Universe

Take your first step into the Everywhen - a new journey embarked upon by those who revel in the ethereal circus of art and performances, where desert landscapes breathe life into fantastical dreams. 

We chose "The Electric Universe" for our inaugural theme not only because it was integral to an art project we named “The Temple of Everywhen,” but because of its controversial theory that suggests instead of gravity, it is electrical (plasmic) forces causing change and movement on the micro and macrocosmic scale. The mysteriously compelling evidence can be found simultaneously in a lab as well as ancient, common petroglyphs found throughout the world in disparate cultures.


Not a lot of theories can rock the foundation of what we think we “know” quite so hard as the Electric Universe, but we feel at our core it is our own responsibility to challenge what we view as standard or common knowledge. It is our duty to grow and explore, not through predesignated paths or beliefs long held, but to harness the electric energy of passion-driven creators and patrons. Life without confrontation, especially internal, is capable of crippling our minds. The Electric Universe embraces the discomfort of leaving behind familiarity to remap the desert into a parallel world - a new time, a different experience!


Cross the event horizon to explore surreal, perspective-warping art both large and small, radioactive vehicles roving around the city shuttling sound stages about, shatter barriers between reality and the everywhen.  Each distinct city sector offers each the opportunity to explore without ridicule, every neighborhood has its own blend of flavors from the surrounding residents. Find your site (or reserve a deed!) and flourish within.  Prepare for the satisfying struggles and strifes the Mojave has to conquer, rise to the heights of your imagination and thrive in the expanse of the Everywhen!  


Saturday around sundown will mark the beginning of the Grand Soirée, the finale of the Electric Universe event, and the night where festivities shall reach climactic and booming new heights!