Welcome to the year of the Electric Universe!


Want to bring your art, art car, performance, or something altogether different to The Everywhen? Need to request a grant to help you get off the ground? Here's the place to start your journey!


There is no physical size limit for art installations, rather the size will be dependent on what you can build in 4 days and can break down/clean your site in the 4 days after the event officially ends. If you are submitting more than one project, please fill out one form for each.

The official grant application will be a separate form, but giving us accurate answers now will help us shape our budget to support as many artists as we can.

Art Registration, Placement &
Grant Requests

Fellow desert dwellers, it is with much excitement and unprecedented honor to welcome you to Everywhen’s Art Registration!! Let’s build something wonderful together!


This is an open call for all artists, altruists, suitors of the deep unknown, and explorers of universal mysteries to share your fanciful creation, your passion, and your wizardry with our community. Everywhen Project is first and foremost an arts nonprofit, and we want nothing more than to support all forms of art; from surreal installations to quirky performances, art cars of all shapes and sizes, soulful soliloquies, or even a sound system strapped to your bicycle- we want your submissions!


This form is required for artists who want placement inside the art parks, and for any and all artists who are seeking funding through an Everywhen Arts Grant (a rough estimate will be required for this submission). It will be helpful for your submission to include as much logistical and technical detail, so we know in advance what level of support you will need. Everywhen will be giving special consideration to funding art that will be repurposed or reused, but we are looking forward to any and all submissions and thank you in advance for your interest in helping us bring to life this new desert experience!