Art Registration

Our art registrations have hit their saturation point, and are now closed!!


Thanks to every artist who submitted, we are forever grateful for and inspired by the response.


Still want to bring your art?  If you desire placement, visit the Hospitality Desk near the entrance.  If you want to have some rogue art in your own camping space, rock on! 


Homestead Registration

Greetings intrepid journeyers! We are so excited to welcome you to the Homestead Registration Page. Let’s weave the beautiful tapestry of the Everywhen together!


This is an open call to all dreamers, doers and makers who wish to create and share their magic within the Everywhen at the Mojave Desert.  If you would like to develop a homestead (campsite), this is the survey for you. 

Bulk buy discounts are active. The discount (applied at time of purchase) when you buy a block of ten is 10%, so buying 10 costs the same as 9 individually purchased tickets, buying 20 cost the same as 18 tickets, and so on. This will help your Homestead lower costs, offer stipends or volunteer comps. If you are interested in our proposed shared electricity grid, this is where you inquire. (UPDATE: due to increased Covid setbacks between camps, the power sharing project has been put on hold. Next year!)

Homestead Registration is not required for individual campers, small camps, or independent groups. Registration allows for camps to secure specific square footage needed for their operations.