Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of event is the Everywhen?

We are an arts-focused camping festival that encourages new and creative re-uses of material, as well as stimulating a self-driven community of makers, tinkerers, and doers.  Got an art or performance project in mind?  We have grants available HERE.

Where is the Everywhen event being held?

The 2021 Everywhen event, Electric Universe will be held in the Mojave desert in Edwards, CA

Why was the event moved from its originally announced location?

The Electric Universe event was moved to the Mojave after being unable to secure a permit in time for the planned 2021 event dates. 

When is the Everywhen event being held?

Event opens on 10/10/21 at 10:00 am and ends on 10/18/21 at 6:00 pm.  General Admission needs to exit the premises by the end of the event.  All non-staff folks must be off-site by noon on October 25th.

What are the Front Door (Gate) hours of operation?
10/10/21: 10AM-12AM

10/11/21-10/18/21: 6AM-12AM

What are the Covid protocols for the Everywhen event?

Protocols will be current with whatever State and Local mandates at the time of the event.

Are tickets refundable?

Tickets are refundable only in the event of cancellation. However, tickets are transferable. Please be decent and respect face value resales.

Is Everywhen a family friendly event? Must children be ticketed?

Children are welcome to attend with a parent/legal guardian. Children 10 and under are free, however there is a limited number of these free child tickets available- please purchase early to ensure your tickets. 1 adult ticket must be purchased per each free child ticket. All children under 18 will be registered to their guardian at check in.  Each child needs a supervisor at all times, children found without a guardian is grounds for immediate expulsion from the event. One legal guardian per child.

What will the population be for the 2021 Everywhen event?

Our estimated population will be no larger than 7,000 

Will there be portapotties available at the Everywhen event?

Oh goodness yes.  We will have portapotties.  How clean they stay will depend on all of us, however, they will be serviced.

Will there be vendors for food and drink at the Everywhen event?

No, Everywhen is a non-vending event.  Ice is the only item available, and ice “chips” and must be pre-purchased. The “chips” will be redeemable for on-site ice.  Attendees are expected to be self-sufficient and bring all needed food, water, and supplies to survive in the desert for 8 days. 

What is the average temperature in the Mojave Desert in October?

Damn hot (and potentially windy) in the day and damn cold at night. Pack accordingly. The average daytime temperature is 75 and the low at night is 55. That said, you are responsible for preparing for blistering hot sun, extreme wind and even rain. The desert in fall is a beautiful and unpredictable place.

Will in and out privileges be available?

Yes!!  During published operating gate hours, people are free to leave the event to replenish supplies, recreate on the off-road trails nearby, and even to go shower off-grounds.  Everyone leaving will be checked for wristbands, and are subject to another search upon re-entry.

Will guns be allowed?

No. Weapons are not allowed. We want to provide a safe environment for all.

Will we be able to drive our cars to our camping destinations or do we have to shuttle our belongings in?

You can drive to your camping destination to park your vehicle if you choose. There is an available parking lot should you wish to have your vehicle outside of your camp.  ADA parking is available.  EWP is not responsible for unattended vehicles. 

Will we be able to drive our vehicles around during the event?

There will be gravel roads for driving for registered (including ADA) vehicles only.  Additionally, we will not allow vehicles in the art parks except for disabled placarded vehicles.


Are RVs allowed and what services are available?

Yes! RVs are welcomed and there is no extra parking pass needed (for cars either). There are no hookups, electricity or water options available (think Black Rock Desert) but pumping services will be made available for placed homesteads who want them. 

What provisions are being put in place for the mobility challenged?

We will have wheelchair-accessible porta potties, art park access and flat area camping. Additionally, we are working with our artists to consider mobility challenged access to their art.

How about bikes and other forms of transporation?
Other than walking, bikes, eBikes, and Art Cars will be the primary method of getting around. The grounds range from packed desert, gravel to sand. Knobby tires are recommended! 

How is The Everywhen Project event different from other desert art events?

Come join us and find out ;-)

How do I get involved either as a volunteer or to bring my art or to establish a camp?

A guide for total immersion is found here.

What are your principles?

We have one strong ethos: Do No Harm.  Anyone violating this simple rule will be subject to removal and/or heavy social shaming.

What is your photo policy? 

Be respectful and ask prior to capturing images of people. 

Commercial photography/videography and/or press, please contact to register.