Desert Survival &
Taking Care of You

While the Electric Universe lies in close(ish) proximity to the established world, coming prepared for every scenario is a must.  The Mojave climate is one of extremes with common temperature shifts of 40+ degrees paired with strong and sometimes ceaseless winds.  


Most of you wonderful residents of the Everywhen are probably familiar with desert locations ;) but in case you aren’t- let’s go over all the basics from the top: YOU alone are responsible for your own food, water, shelter, shade, transportation, and above all- self care!  Dress yourself to reflect your innermost existential truths, or just to stand out from a crowd so your camp-mates can find you easily passed out in the cuddle puddle down the road.  Cooking fires are allowed, provided you have an extinguisher or bucket of sand nearby, so bring what you need to keep yourself warm!  You are responsible for your experience, your impact, and especially your garbage- this is a Leave No Trace (LNT) event, after all.  Don’t be trashy!!


Saturday around sundown will mark the beginning of the Grand Soirée, the finale of the Electric Universe event, and the night where festivities shall reach climactic and booming new heights!