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Our commitment is to reimagine the human story by crafting intentional spaces that are artistic sanctuaries for the spirit and catalysts for uplifting the collective consciousness.

Seplaya Village - 2020
Our Story
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A Gathering of Friends

Imagine a vast, open canvas under the sky, where the horizon stretches endlessly and the land is a masterpiece of nature's art. This is the Black Rock Desert, a place of stark beauty and boundless potential. It was here that a group of friends started a simple tradition: to camp under the immense blue skies, surrounded by the desert's surreal beauty, and to share in the joy of togetherness. This annual gathering was our cherished escape, a time to connect with nature and each other, known simply as "Juplaya."


As the world slowed down in 2020, we found ourselves at a crossroads. The Everywhen Project, initially focused on creating sustainable temple spaces, saw an opportunity to deepen our impact. We grew our vision from building structures to building communities, recognizing that the true magic was not just in the art we erected but in the connections we forged.


Mission for Community

We became a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a heartfelt mission: to reimagine the stories we tell about ourselves and our communities. Our goal was to create a sustainable, artistic, and mythological tapestry that nurtures individual spirits and elevates collective consciousness. This was about more than just camping; it was about creating spaces where people could come together, share experiences, and grow.


The Black Rock Desert, once the backdrop for our simple camping trips, became the cornerstone of a new, intentional way of coming together. The Everywhen Project extended the joy of those early days into a more profound community experience. We invited people from all walks of life to join us in building a village of creativity, inclusivity, and shared purpose.


Weaving Wonder into Every Experience

Today, the Everywhen Project is a narrative of community evolution that welcomes all, regardless of their experience with camping or the desert. We are a movement dedicated to the art of community building, to the celebration of human creativity, and to the support of experiences that resonate with and uplift the human spirit.


Join us in this ongoing story of the Everywhen — a story where every gathering is a chapter, every art piece a verse, and every participant a vital voice in our shared epic of togetherness.

Our Mission:
Crafting Spaces for Community and Consciousness

The Everywhen Project is dedicated to reimagining humanity's narrative, creating a sustainable, artistic, and mythopoetic tapestry that nurtures the individual spirit and elevates the collective consciousness.

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We are on a mission to sculpt a new narrative for humanity: one that intertwines the threads of sustainability, artistry, and mythology into a vibrant tapestry that both cherishes the individual journey and uplifts the collective soul. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we are committed to the creation of intentional spaces that serve as sanctuaries for personal growth and as crucibles for communal enlightenment.


Our ethos — Build Community, Nourish the Spirit, Tell Tall TalesLeave No Trace, and Do No Harm — guide us like stars in the vast desert sky, illuminating our path as we forge environments where ethical mindfulness is as natural as breathing, and where the spirit of adventure leads to profound connections. We believe in the power of community to transform the individual and in the power of the individual to transform the community.


In every endeavor, we strive to weave wonder into the fabric of every tale, every community, every moment. We invite all to join us in this journey of reimagining our collective story, where every action is intentional, every connection meaningful, and every experience a step towards a more conscious and connected world.

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Executive Board

The Executive Board is responsible for strategic oversight, guiding the organization's direction, and ensuring adherence to its core ethos while fostering growth and innovation within the community.

Prayer Wheels at Medicine Buddha, Board Retreat 2023

Mathew Gilbuena

Executive Producer

As the founder and Executive Producer of the Everywhen Project, Mathew Gilbuena embodies a unique blend of visionary leadership and creative prowess. His role as Chair of the Board is marked by a deep commitment to fostering a community where creativity and collaboration flourish. Mathew's approach to leadership is rooted in providing tools and support for dreamers to achieve their goals, underpinned by his belief in the transformative power of being part of a significant collective work. His passion for photography and videography, coupled with a personal interest in urban planning and simulation games like Sim Cities and Cities Skylines, reflects in his work, especially in the development of Constellation City. This synergy of personal interests with professional goals showcases his talent for creating immersive environments that are not only artistically profound but also pivotal in building community bonds.

Mathew has steered the Everywhen Project towards expanding its impact to a broader focus on community engagement and interpersonal connections. His extensive experience in various roles, from hands-on project involvement to leading substantial fundraising initiatives, has shaped his understanding of collaborative dynamics essential in creating resonant experiences. Mathew's leadership style is characterized by encouraging his team to embrace innovation, challenge conventional thinking, and surround themselves with brilliant, courageous, and spirited individuals. His forward-thinking vision for the Everywhen Project is not just to astonish but to foster a profound sense of shared purpose and community, continually striving to make a better world for all.


Michael Parisi


My professional experience as a Director of Marketing, software/media developer, and startup entrepreneur, allow me to bring critical branding, marketing, and leadership skills to The Everywhen table.

Born in the vast California wasteland known as the San Joaquin Valley, I was probably the weirdest kid that everybody got along with. Driven by a passion for art and a penchant for the unusual, the world of video game creation opened up to me in the mid 90’s so, I left the cultural bleach of the valley and landed in the wacky, techie Bay Area.

It was there that I met my first burner brethren. They scared the shit out of me and, I immediately fell in love with all of them; as well as with the whole culture. The intense creative vibe they all carried so beautifully seemed too good to be true. But it wasn’t, it was real…I’d found a new family. Since then, I’ve been involved with three large-scale art projects on the Black Rock Desert, volunteered for everything from cleaning up broken glass behind the bar back (aka Recycling), live music performances, to psychedelic harm reduction (aka Zendo). Also, I may or may not be Ziggy Skulldust.



Andrea Ho


Andie joined the Everywhen Project in 2023 as the Treasurer on the Board of Directors. For her, this role provides a unique opportunity for her to leverage her financial expertise while making a positive social impact through human connection, community development, and artistic expression. After experiencing the transformative power of Black Rock Desert, she is inspired by the possibilities for human expansion and spiritual growth that can result from intentionally curated experiences on this sacred land.

Andie’s professional experience includes over 15 years in the wealth management industry, currently serving as a Managing Director at a major bank. In this role, she oversees the investment offering available to client families seeking to transition wealth to the next generation, leave a philanthropic legacy, or make a social or environmental impact. She has a dual degree in finance and accounting, is a CFA Charterholder, and is a strong advocate for women in financial services.

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