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About the Project
About the Everywhen Project

The Everywhen Project began as a loose group of 4th of July campers at the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. Over time, these adventurers banded together and grew their camps. Their love for the playa, their shared sense of community, and their affinity for the surreal led to the creation of several desert art projects and larger (and larger!) camping expeditions.


Today, the Everywhen Project is a 501c3 non-profit organization with a mission to fund art projects and develop vibrant communities to enjoy these creations. We want to give the gift of enabling others to embark on a journey of building and creating reusable art, and to share in the experience of interacting with and celebrating artistic expressions. The chronicles of how these dusty camps banded together to become the Everywhen Project is detailed in our Origin Stories.

Project Purpose


The Everywhen Project has the specific purpose to build long-lasting communities that gather in surreal environments. EWP seeks to supply art and support at community gatherings, and provide education on locale-specific survival, sustainable practices, and leaving-no-trace.

Project Purpose
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