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the temple of everywhen

Everywhen demands an exploration of the meaning of life and human history through a controversial retelling of stories, a psychedelic experience of ancestral archetypes and a journey through the senses. It evokes an uncomfortable introspection of metaphysical and celestial realities and one’s relationship with the outer and inner universes. It is a unified story of humanity’s collective past and present through all cultures, leaving one to speculate about possible futures. We encourage discussion of the nature of reality and our true history by blending shared fables and myths with art from the collective consciousness. 

Night Lighting Conceptual Sketch from Lighting Design Phase (December 2019)

Early sketch from night lighting design phase (December 2019)

We believe that Everywhen should unify the experience of the inner and outer selves, and to achieve these goals, the structure itself must be transformative and actively participate in the journey.

Due to Covid-19, building and installing Everywhen has been delayed from 2020 until 2021. The Temple will be installed at two events: UnSCruz, a Burning Man regional, at the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds in Watsonville, California; and Burning Man, at the Black Rock Desert in Nevada.

Everywhen - Square Logo FULL - TRANSPARE

about the temple

Everywhen is a Temple shifting through realities. With ample bench seating wrapping around the interior walls, one may socialize while experiencing shifting sunlight and daytime stargazing and its interplay with dust and light columns emanating from the zodiac constellations in the roof. The scented rose gardens awaken the nose, hypercolor murals stimulate visions, masks evoke intrigue. The day facade has resonant music with instruments like the Hurdy Gurdy, Hang Drum, and Harp while the nighttime will feature Buddhist meditation chants.


Everywhen will be featured at two events in 2021, with each event having a different facade. The following describes Everywhen at Burning Man:

Everywhen - January 200 Elevation (Front)

Temple Elevations including courtyard and surrounding art

The courtyard will feature a myriad of interactive programs hosted by crew members, including (but not limited to): energy clearing, transformative ceremonies, sound healing, yoga with DJ, narrative therapy, and earth rituals.


Pleiades, one of many petroglyphs that are featured within the Temple

The Temple is Rich in Detail

Seven stained lantern pairs lead to a raised wraparound porch, its stairs flanked by 2 scented copper rose gardens (artist Jessica Snow). Entry is through the red framed doors in front or on either side. Stepping down into the Temple you’ll see psychedelic hypercolor murals on the walls with petroglyph paintings retelling hidden history. At night, flashes of blacklight reveal hidden glyphs by pressing a button. A central totem pole has many-faced entities made from crew’s facial masks. Two gongs chime hourly from the rafters on both sides of the roof, joined with intense string (& other) music that resonates to physically connect you to the space. The jade roof has Stav-like gold flames on 4 corners and 2 on top ridge. Shoji panels on the back wall overlooks the sunset-facing courtyard. It contains a 6’ Armillary (artist Shawn Bachiochi).

Everywhen Elevations January 2020 - Back

Temple Elevations including courtyard and surrounding art

There are 3 entrances and is fenced with natural materials with lanterns. Everywhen combines touch, sound, smell, light for a multi-sensory experience.

About the Temple
Burning Man Facade
UnSCruz Facade
Everywhen @ UnSCruz 2020


Since UnSCruz is a much shorter event than Burning Man, the Everywhen Temple will be optimized for building in a compressed construction window. 

To meet a tight construction timeline, the UnSCruz Everywhen Temple will feature an upcycled fabric tapestry roof

There will be two plus-shaped fences flanking either side of the structure, each with 5 lanterns to light up the courtyard space and both spanning 12.5' across and reaching 11' in height.  The fences will be made from stained lumber and clad with reed fencing in a nod to the bamboo material we have used in the past.  In between these pluses is a 6' armillary made from welded chainlink.


The temple building will measure, from wall to wall, 15' x 25' and features a 5' overhang around the entire structure.  The roof will be framed, and instead of cladding the roof with structural materials, it will feature a patch-work quilted tent-like roof made from upcycled fabric.  Five of the wall panels will be translucent Shoji panels that provides a diffused, natural light.  The temple's interior will feature a few additional pieces of art: the interior walls have hypercolor murals that will push boundaries between reality and alternative dimensions; two towering bamboo light towers; Australian-born artist Richard Optenyde will hang boomerangs from the ceiling rafters, handcrafted from recycled wood, each one featuring a species of animal that have been affected by the devastating wildfires over the past year.


UnSCruz Temple Elevations including courtyard and surrounding art

2021 team

The Everywhen Team is a passionate creative community of artists, builders and dreamers who fiercely believe in radical inclusion, civic responsibility and artistic self-expression. 

Our team has many years of experience building at Burning Man and its regionals, and have come together to bring the Temple of Everywhen to UnSCruz and Burning Man in 2021.

2021 temple crew

Mathew Gilbuena
Shannon Pistole
Shawn Bachiochi
Lynne Fisk
Jessica Snow
Walter Alter
Steven Mentor
Richard Opteynde
Warren "Max Butcher"
Eli Omega
Peggy Su
Mark Dietrich
Peter Mentor
Chanel Yellowhair
Dustin Maretz
Mark Chubb
Lake Wong
Roger Maharaja
Kathy "Cooky" Cluff
Special Thanks
Niv Shafran
Buck Bandersnatch
Norma Lucero
Everywhen 2021 Crew

contribute to the dream

Our artists and crew are 100% volunteers and grants only partially cover the expense of building art for the Burning Man community. We need your help to fund this project to create transformative experiences for all who visit, and we thank our donors in kind.

Please consider providing a fiscal donation to help us bring this project to UnSCruz, a Burning Man regional in Watsonville, California, and Burning Man at Black Rock Desert, Nevada, this year in 2021.


Join the adventure

We seek dreamers and artists; lovers and the passionate. Do you have the urge to create? Join the Everywhen crew. Tell us your interest by filling out our volunteer survey, here.

Our crew is building Everywhen in Fremont, California and Las Vegas, Nevada. The Temple will be installed at UnSCruz at the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds in Watsonville, California and at Burning Man at the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. 


Camping with the Everywhen Crew at Camp Everywhen is a requirement for consideration as a member of the Burning Man playa build crew. We believe strongly in forging friendships and creating strong bonds within the crew, and we have found this is best created by staying together as a community during Burn week.

Join the Crew

Follow the journey

Engaging with the Burning Man and arts community is very important to the Everywhen crew. Please join our journey through these social media channels so that we can learn more from each other.

Social Media
The Everywhen Project
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