Loco Ocos


Hospitality (Support)

Image by Marek Szturc

Hi, I'm Alex aka Maverick or "Just that Easy". I have been going to Black Rock desert since the late 90's. I love the Playa and the people that go there to share their art and their hearts. The beautiful community of playa builders and artists really exemplifies the symphony of humanity for me.

I’m part of the Everywhen Project to be able to add my voice to that symphony. As a long time Black Rock ranger and supporter of other regional events, I have a vibrant depth of experience on how to support self-reliant communities. I approach situations with a supportive vibe and lead-by-example mojo.

As part of the Loco Ocos group, I will support the community so that they can bring their art and their truest selves to the event. And if people have challenges they can’t solve on their own, the Loco Ocos group and I will be there to help facilitate a resolution.

Let's all go out to the Black Rock desert, generate that beautiful symphony of humanity, and have a magical connection and shared experiences together. Looking forward to playing in the dust with y'all!