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Amber Coutts

Secretary. Director of Dreamtime


Hiyo ye humans. I am more often than not referred to as Amberosia by those who know me best. I am an Everywhen board member and am heading up the Dreamtime teams for this wonderful desert dealio.

I have a long history of grant writing and have been working on the unSCruz grant team for many years now. It is my ultimate pleasure to help budding artists find the financial means they need to create their visions, especially when it is reusable art! I have been on the other side and received two Honorarium grants from Burning Man in 2016 and 2017 for my collective, “Art to be Continued” and “The 10 Benches of Sitting Man”, which was featured in the Rolling Stone magazine.

In 2001, I was led to the playa by a coworker at the Renaissance Faire and I have been hooked on making dusty shenanigans ever since. I have worked on multiple temple builds, been a Temple Guardian, fire safety and perimeter crews, helped with various art projects, been a theme camp leader, artist, late-night confidant, and chef to wandering souls. If you find me in the desert, I am likely to try and feed you something delicious or make you sit and rest for a bit. If you come to unSCruz, you will see me at the Rainbow Trike Track fueling the fun with Curious Concessions and running around in a golf cart checking on the well-being of artists.

I have been working with food creativity for over 25 years. Currently, I work as a private chef and help people with specialty diets. I do food staging and have worked with High Times to create beautiful food-based scenes and have staged packaging images for several food companies. I also ran a successful medicinal cannabis edibles business for 12 years, which landed me with many awards and enabled me to help patients in chronic pain with tailored nutritional relief. I am very earth-based and love to make custom topicals and consumables with the help of my garden and the wisdom of my ancestors. I am happiest when helping others and spend much of my spare time cooking food for people in need.I look forward to creating something wonderful with you all!

Hope to see you in the dust soon.


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