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Christian Farr

Loco Ocos


I am leading the efforts to build out the Loco Ocos teams. Working with—and reporting to—the Director of Deeds and the Loco Ocos Manager, I will oversee the organization, training, and buildout of these teams, as well as their general operations at the event.

I have over 25 yrs experience with event production, event and venue security, stage crew, and general event “volunteerism.” I’ve been making regular pilgrimages to the playa since 2015, and tend towards camp build and camp lead roles. I also have a strong academic background in organizational and leadership development, so the opportunity to help build out something new for our community—and give new and emerging leaders an opportunity to contribute to this brand-new event—Is really exciting and energizing for me.

Beyond my event experience, my “day job” involves risk and compliance work for large financial services firms. I have extensive experience designing, validating, and executing business controls, monitoring and testing programs, and program policies and procedures. Beyond the day job and my Everywhen Project duties, I enjoy camping, backpacking, live music, and massive raves. I’m excitedly waiting for when all of these can be “a thing,” again.


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