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Eric Barnes

Survey / City Development



After 35 years in engineering I retired and a few years later I ventured to the playa. No surprise to anyone... I found something completely different. And after few years of participating I am ready to step up and be a doer. I might not have all the skills yet but at least I'll try hard.

In my spare time, which I seem to fill up quite easily, I enjoy photography, travel, camping, reading and the dreaded game of golf. During the pandemic I learned how to screen print t-shirts or whatever is flat. I love creating a design, making the screens and creating gifts... all in my garage... and a little computer work. Simple designs. Nothing fancy. When someone says "Oh, it looks like someone made that crap in their garage"... I smile. I like helping people screen their own shirts.

|Now it's helping with a survey of an Electric Universe. Helping layout a magical universe with porta potties. Use CAD. Place stuff. Make maps. Get to the desert early. Measure distances. Plant flags. Work with people who actually know what they are doing. It's going to take more than just a few to pull this off. Please help us map the future.

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