Gabrielle Elise Pettinelli

Backstage / City Development


Folly (Operations)

Brielle is a detailed and consumer-oriented product professional. Her creativity allied to a vast experience leading multiple teams throughout user research, product development, design knowledge, and engineering culminated in her becoming a Senior Product Manager.

A builder from birth, she ultimately fell in love with fabrication, 3D design, and rapid prototyping whilst getting Masters in Mechanical Engineering & Integrated Product Design from the University of Pennsylvania. In NYC, she worked as an Assistant Product Manager and Product Development Consultant on small kitchen gadgets and electronics sold at major retail. Following, she moved to the Bay Area as a Co-Founder of an Indoor Garden System line.

While living out of a backpack in South East Asia, she discovered new products and the 'digital nomad' way of life which allowed her Entrepreneurial passion to spawn into a full blown Amazon merchandizing business, designing her own brand identity and selling products in various categories. Today, she works for Electronic Arts, where she brings her design and engineering expertise to deliver games that inspire the world to play.

Brielle has been traveling out to the Black Rock Desert every year since 2016. She's been a part of Burning Man projects big and small, acting as a Kitchen Czar, projection mapping artist, Temple Builder, and most recently, a Burning Man Multiverse designer. She lives in the Bay Area with her menagerie of two fluffy dogs, Savannah cats, and aquatic creatures.