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Karen Reyes



Advisory Board

lillith (aka Karen Reyes) has been a behind the scenes advisor for the Everywhen Project (EWP) for quite some time and has now walked out of the shadows to join the Advisory Board in a more official capacity.  With two decades of experience on the playa as well as a growing up off-grid (can you say latrine?), lillith brings a breadth of experience to the project.

“I have had many adventures in both the Black Rock Desert and the Mohave as well as other off the beaten path BLM lands (TTITD, Juplaya, other small group campouts you never heard of); coupled with my former professional career, serving the EWP with my varied skill set seems like a good fit; some work and a lot of fun”.

Creating temples, art, pyrotechnics, and fun camps, lillith enjoys the creative aspects of the EWP. Additionally, bringing experience in education administration, teaching, counseling, art creation, mediation and producing music festivals, lillith provides a sounding board for the Board of Directors as well as other EWP team members. With degrees in Social Science (BS) and Women’s Spirituality (MA) as well as Coaching certificates, lillith enjoys the opportunity to share her wisdom and experience through her volunteer opportunities with the EWP and other organizations.

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