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Kate Marusina

Art Car Liaison



I am the Recreation Lead and Art Car Liason for The Everywhen Project.

Previously on the Playa, I was a part of the DMV team and fulfilled the duties of a wrangler, fluffer, and pit boss. Through this experience, I became very familiar with the mutant vehicle operations and became integrated with the art car world. I am passionate about sharing my art with the community, and helped to organize several local events with art car participation; some in the form of a procession and some, stationary. My other artistic contribution is Awkward Valentines, an arts and crafts activity that quickly became popular at the Burn. In 2019, we helped create over 500 personal expressions of love.

In my default life, I am Director of the UC Davis Clinical Trials Office, helping to bring experimental medicines from bench to bedside. I manage large infrastructure projects for research, write grants, and generally organize people from different functional units to work together for a better future. My previous professional experiences are in business development, marketing, and science writing with over 65 articles in biotechnology trade journals.

I was born in a country that no longer exists and in a city whose name has changed numerous times. Not surprising, my childhood was full of experiences that would be impossible to replicate, granted that that reality is long gone. The seeds of radical self-reliance were planted early on and kept growing. I arrived in America with a big brain, one dollar in my pocket, and filled with naivete. The clean slate enabled me to try it all, forge my own path, survive most of the hard knocks, and actually make something out of myself. My first Burn experience was in 2015, serendipitously on the wave of my already nucleated radical awakening. It could not have happened at a better time. I became a maker, a mutant vehicle owner, and discovered a big world of creative endeavors. I dedicated the last four years of my life building a small mutant vehicle based on a studio Ghibli character. It is beloved by many on and off the Playa and has a small cult following.

My other esoteric hobbies include contact improvisation dance and pole dance; all started way after a typical biological age for such physically intense pursuits. I am looking forward to contributing to Everywhen because I think that art does not have to cost millions of dollars or require a large crew and that, most memorable encounters take place in intimate smaller spaces.


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