Kaya Kachigian

Propaganda / City Development



Hospitality (Support)

Hi all, Kaya here - AKA Sparks, AKA SPARKS!! I’ll also answer to the following playa names that have been bestowed upon me over the years, as I believe they form the pillars of my true identity. Including, but not limited to: Squirrel!, Iron Butt, OC/DC, O.S.H.A., Granny, and Zebra Goddess.

My first Labor Day on playa was in 2011, and I haven’t missed a year since. I was lucky enough to help out on the Temple of Direction, which brought my long-standing appreciation for big art and communal temples to a pinnacle.

The playa presents this beautiful opportunity; this blank canvas on which we create art, build cities, and form infinite connections with those who are “the same kind of weird.” You’ll find me working hard, playing hard, and drinking shots of tequila whenever the time is right.

I worked for years in the default world in event production & management, but transitioned to a career in renewable energy last year. By the time you read this, I’ll be living in Tulum, Mexico and working for a few different solar energy companies. That said, I’ll be back “whenever the time is right.”

I fell in love with Everywhen at Seplaya last year, and I’m greatly looking forward to being a part of the 2022 Production Team!

In dust we trust.