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Frosty Paws

Leslie Berman

Director of Deeds


I am leading Homestead Planning, Placement and the Loco Ocos.

Before moving back to the Bay Area, I lived in NYC where I was introduced to Placement for our Decomps. Now that I’m back in my hometown,  I’ve been involved with the Santa Cruz Burning Man Regional Event, unSCuz, since 2014 as Placement Lead/Co-Lead and then moved into the Co-Producer Role. In addition to unSCruz, our production team branched out to host our charity driven Monsters Balls, in place of an official Decomp, where I’m acting producer.  I’m also a BRC Ranger as part of the Gerlach Patrol Cadre and 1 of 2 Regional Contacts for the Santa Cruz area.

My journey working with desert loving campers and artists began in NYC back in the early 2000’s. Although I didn’t get out to the desert myself until 2006, I loved helping with the many incredible events and decomps that dotted my NYC experience. When I moved back to the Bay Area, I knew I would find my local tribe through this very creative community...and I certainly have.

Frosty Paws

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