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KC Struggles





Hey and howdy! I’m Liam, or affectionately referred to as Struggles in certain circles. I have been frequenting Black Rock Desert several times a year since 2017 and am continually impressed with the many found uses and resiliency of the patrons of that desert.

I found Everywhen amidst my search to become engaged in the production of other events, coincidentally I wandered ( quite literally) upon Everywhen’s Seplaya gathering in 2020 only to connect the dots after getting involved with EWP in 2021.

I have spent most of my adult life hopping around the country working in emergency services, short stints as a farm laborer and substitute teacher, recurring gig work swinging hammers and pushing brooms on construction sites, even the occasional admin or journalism temp spot.

My career working in the fire service has given me ample amounts of training in numerous aspects of incident command; emergency medical services; hazardous materials response and management; rescue systems and confined space rescue... you get the idea.

Filling the Chief of Safety role with EWP was actually a difficult decision for me as I typically like to shed my skin as a first responder while I am attending festivals and traveling. I enjoy the freedom of being KC Struggles, your friendly neighborhood heckler, barista, cook, tarot reader. Those are way more fun! However, it was really a logical role that I am excited to fill within EWP, the excessive amounts of flattery also helped to win me over.

All I ask the attendees of EWP events is that they bring their best foot forward. You send it, I’ll mend, as required of any good Lazer Brigader.

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