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Michael Fasman



I’ve known I was going to be a filmmaker since 7th grade when my Social Studies teacher handed us a Super-8 camera. It was love at first frame. Since then, my film and video production experience has encompassed nine years in Hollywood, over 30 years as a producer for educational institutions and Silicon Valley corporations, and most importantly, pro-bono documentaries for non-profits. Most recently, I’ve joined the Documentation Team for The Everwhen Project.

These videos were shot in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Ghana, Azerbaijan, Mexico and across the United States, on subjects ranging from earthquake relief to schools for Indigenous children to water sanitation. In addition, for the last ten years, I’ve been creating videos for the Burning Man Project and lead a volunteer team of 60 photographers and videographers who document Burner events throughout the year. I first went to the playa in 2003 and have helped build art and managed camps ever since.

Besides making movies, I love to travel, listen to the Grateful Dead (with 250+ Shows under my belt), and play with my dog and all her friends. My home is in San Francisco, but my heart is in NY’s Hudson Valley, where I spend half the year with family.


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