Richard Opteynde



Image by Marek Szturc

G’day, Richard here, also known as Playa Puppy, Tricky Dicky, RichO, and just recently, Oz. I am originally from Melbourne, Australia. My latest adventure is City Director for The Everywhen Project. My main responsibility is to help oversee the construction and running of our beautiful new city.

I’ve been living in the States since early 2001. I currently reside in sunny San Rafael, CA. I am very happily married for eleven years and am the proud Father to three fur babies.

I have been going out to BRC since 2003; it never gets old. During those many days on the Playa - amongst many other things - I have validated people, made breakfast for complete strangers, gotten lost; then found again, built many things, including a temple.

In my spare time, I enjoy hiking, biking, live music, movies, and meeting new and crazy people. But, my real love is traveling. I try to do this whenever I can, and as long as my wallet and the state of the world will allow it.

As well as currently working on The Everywhen Project, I am also studying to become a Home Inspector.

My work experience is vast and varied. I spent fifteen years running my own massage therapy business - please do not ask me for a massage, I am retired. I have worked as a Project Manager for several non-profits, including Hand On Bay Area. I spent a year renovating two houses in San Francisco. Whilst living there, a neighbor and myself converted a 12k sq ft vacant lot into a vibrant neighborhood park; we called it Tunnel Top Park.

I am super excited about this new adventure on the Playa and I can’t wait to meet every single one of you out there!