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Spot On

Sam Barretto

Support & Coordination



Hiii ! I’m Sam & I’m Spot On. Within the Everywhen, I like to float around and help out where and when I can, trying on new roles and learning via doing. Need a helping hand on a project or would like to share a hot drink together? I’ll drop by, kettle in said hand.

I come from a background in pure mathematics and a decade of Insight meditation, with a sampling of special interests that would be useful at a very niche trivia night. I love the interplay of the rational and the imaginal, self-actualizing the individual and cohering the communal. I see cultural gatherings like the Everywhen as existing at those ethereal & ephemeral intersections and seek to better understand their chaotic polyrhythms by playing a simple backing beat.

Although I’ve only participated in a handful of arts-focused gatherings since 2018, my passion for this culture runs deep. So whether we are building art, crafting experience, or holding space for celebration & play, I’m looking forward to stewarding the Everywhen with you in a multitude of ways.

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