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Art Division Volunteer



"How can I help you?", a phrase Sarah is often found saying daily to people around her. In her day job, she is an AV Supervisor for a law firm she feels blessed to work for in the SF Bay Area. She has been with this company for almost a decade now, and hopes to be there for a while longer!

Sarah fell in love with festivals back in 2001 when she attended her first three day camping festival in Nova Scotia, Canada, where she was born and raised. In the early years, she attended many small town raves, began to spin vinyl at some of those events, going by the name DJ EvE, and even wrote some music that was never released. Three years after that first festival, she moved to California to pursue tech jobs in Silicon Valley and has never left.

Always wanting to create, Sarah has done many artistic things and has always found connection with creative types. She helped finance and manage the Cube Project SJ from 2013 to 2017, which was a multi panel interactive mural that anyone could paint on, started by a partner in San Jose CA. Outside of her day job, she makes costumes, does video editing, stage management for a haunted house in October, photography, Twitch Streaming, SFX Makeup and whatever her never quiet creative brain comes up with. Constantly feeling that there isn't enough time to make all the things, she enjoys throwing her energy into the creative world!

She thrives on challenges and enjoys to problem solve, which is why she is often found asking how to help in all kinds of situations. She also will lighten the mood with silly jokes and endless puns when the time is right!

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