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Shannon Pistole

Co-Founder, Treasurer. Director of Folly


I am Aftermath, Co-Founder of The Everywhen Project, Director of Folly, Master of Shenanigans. Focusing on the Arts, Parks & Rec Division, as well as the hiring of staff within EWP, my primary duty is shaping the artistic landscape of The Everywhen, as well as cooking up ways to connect participating artists, builders, organizers, and other doers. With an education grounded in the studio arts and an inherent rebellious streak, I’m drawn to art that speaks to self-liberation, which is coincidentally how Everywhen was conceived in the first place: breaking free from tradition. That, and a deep love of manual labor.

I began building on the Playa in 2016 as part of the David Best Temple crew, and my life will never be the same. I have been back every year, building art in the dust, even in 2020. I also joined two temple admin teams, as well as numerous regional art builds in roles ranging from lead artist to builder. I wanted to absorb everything I could about what makes an art project tick. The years I have spent on the Playa are a veritable spectrum of experiences, yet every single trip has shed a light on either learning new skills or something more personal; even the “worst” experience on the Playa can yield immense potential for life-changing lessons.

As a board member and vision setter for Everywhen, this project is very near and dear to my heart, and it proved to be the perfect way to throw my energy into something that can positively impact a brand new community that began to foment in the wake of the infamous 2020. Our team at EWP has been working tirelessly since July 2020 to offer a new chapter of Playa adventures, and I cannot wait to see what our efforts will reap!


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