Shawn Bachiochi

Survey / City Development


Folly (Operations)

I will be leading the survey of the city and therefore, be looking for individuals far smarter than myself to be involved so please, do get in touch!

I always have a deep sense of being in the correct place whenever I am on the Playa. I love any environment that punishes lack of respect, yet rewards unselfishly. As they say, carrying your own water makes you cherish it.

My current background is construction, both large-scale and finish-work. I have been a Chiropractor, Commercial Diver, and Pastry Chef at different places on this path. I was born in 2018 and wanted to give back right away. I have worked on a couple of large art pieces that were placed out on the Playa.

What I have received from working on these projects with these amazing individuals, has far outweighed the effort, however significant. I continue to be amazed by my experience each time I’m around my new family.