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Shelli Wright

Project Manager


Folly (Operations)

Shelli’s career, after graduating from Rutgers University, has been more of a CrossFit trail than a corporate ladder, having a variety of work experiences in both writing and production.

Her writing background comes in the form of copywriting for big agencies like JWT and The Marketing Arm for brand likes TJMAxx, Sunsilk, AmEx, and the ever glamorous Depends to name a tiny few from the list. She’s also been a branding and communications executive for several companies including (currently) And she’s authored several award winning film and television screenplays, several articles for The Elephant Journal, and a self-published book, The Tao of Maybe.

Production experience comes in the form of 9 years of live productions at Isle of Capri Casinos and Six Flags Theme parks, and another 7 years doing production for Target, Coca-Cola, Google, etc at events like Austin City Music Festival and Special Olympics video production with O.A.R., as well as very small conferences like the LA West Creativity Conference. Shelli has also produced several short films, web series, and PSA’s.

Her best efforts lie somewhere in the left brained pragmatic world of creativity. Shelli currently lives in Los Angeles.

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