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Sova connected with Burning Man through his involvement in the San Francisco and Portland Cacophony Society in 1999 through 2017. During this time he helped to organize and run several iconic events such as Santacon, Mondo Croquet, Stripper-Bingo, and Christmas in July. After a decade hearing the tales in the desert and helping people prepare to go to Burning Man, Sova finally went to his first “Burn” in 2009, and then attended regularly for the next 10 years.

During his two decades of experiences at Burning Man and other transformational immersive festivals, Sova helped in a variety of ways including working on Leave-No-Trace, D’Corp, Green-Dot Ranger, and now is staff at The Artery. Sova also helped to organize and run several theme camps including Above the Limit, Apokiliptika, Black Rock Boutique, and BRC Post Office (Center Camp) and has participated in several larger villages including Silicon Village.

Sova is also an accomplished photographer and artist having brought three large art installations to regional events including “A Colorful Place”, “Stellar Vortex”, and “Astral Experience”. He hopes to bring “Astral Experience” to Everywhen’s Electric Universe in 2021. He also helped finish and redesign the electronics and LED lighting for the Giant Rainbow Bridge and Cone Down for the Looking Up Arts group.

Sova reached out to connect with Everywhen when he heard about a new organization wanting to create immersive interactive events and culture, but with a focus on supporting the community, true inclusion and diversity, and funding as much art and education as possible. This really spoke to him as he frequently was frustrated with aspects of the Burning Man organization and change in culture over the last 5 – 7 years, even attempting to create a community run and democratically lead Burning Man Regional organization called Regional Art Development Northwest (RAD-NW). Sova is currently helping The Everywhen Project as the Logistics Lead for our events. He helps to ensure that medical, fire, and art safety are planned, permitted, and seamlessly executed so that everyone can immerse themselves in “The When” and safely return to the default world at the end of the events.

Outside of festival and art events, Sova has many skills including being a license EMT in three states, American Red Cross instructor, information technology wizard, Psytrance DJ in the Psytribe communities, extra-class ham radio operator, and lives an active Maker lifestyle using skills in carpentry, electrical/electronics, plumbing, welding, sewing, and project management. He is also an active pyro-technician having worked more than 8 large public fireworks shows, and hopes to have his pyrotechnic operator license in California, Oregon, and Washington states by the end of 2021. Sova has served on the boards of many non-profits including Portland Leather Alliance, Blackout Leather Productions, and RAD-NW, and was the founder of Whipper-Snappers, a BDSM educational organization for 18 – 35 years of age. His favorite animal is the owl, which is also the meaning of Sova in Czech.

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