Terri Harris

Secretary. Director of Art



Image by Marek Szturc

My name is Terri, although some people call me QC
(Quite Contrary, not Quality Control).

I come to the Everywhen Project with a decades-long commitment to volunteerism and leadership, beginning as a preschool child tagging along with (and maybe even helping) my mother in her various roles and continuing to the present day.

As a lifelong art enthusiast, I’ve dedicated years of sweat equity to the arts - dancing at award shows in LA, being first a board member and eventually running a local indie film festival, as a henna artist at festivals, and community events through the pacific northwest, and more.
I’ve been to the playa every year since 2011- always volunteering in different capacities. I’ve spent the last many years both off and on playa studying art pieces large and small in size (but always huge in impact), and leading art tours to impart this knowledge to the abundant and dusty art enthusiasts seeking insight.

Art is life. It is vibrant, passionate, thought provoking, a gateway to change, new ideas and consensus. It showcases the best and worst of humanity. It is magical and deserves to be celebrated and showcased.

As the Manager of Parks and Rec, I hope to showcase art: performance, installation and art cars, and artists in a way that is beautiful, meaningful and memorable.
I look forward to bringing my passion, energy and enthusiasm to Everywhen!!