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Wendy Sorenson

Homesteads / City Development


Board of Directors

Folly (Operations)

Someone once said that if you're going to do this Peter Pan type stuff, you need yourself a Wendy. And the Everywhen Project has found its Wendy.

Wendy is from Las Vegas by way of her home state of Tennessee. But don't let the accent trick you - she knows what she is talking about. Wendy is retired from the Air Force and former project manager with the CIA (yes, THAT CIA!)

Wendy attended her first Burning Man in 2019. Did I mention she did it wearing a back brace after breaking her back days prior to attending? This didn't stop her from going out and being a member of Hair of the Dog Lounge, the longest running bar camp on Playa. She went back to Black Rock in 2021 and spent her time practicing Leave No Trace after everyone left.

Wendy is active in both the Las Vegas Burning Man community, as well as the local cosplay groups, ren faires, and pirate communities.

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