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Everywhen Project
 Weave Wonder Into Your World 
  • What is the Everywhen Project?
    The Everywhen Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that crafts intentional spaces to reimagine humanity's narrative, focusing on artistry, community, and consciousness. It blends sustainability, mythology, and art into experiences that nurture individual growth and elevate collective consciousness.
  • What is your Purpose?
    To create intentional spaces that act as sanctuaries for personal growth and communal enlightenment, fostering a vibrant tapestry that respects both the individual journey and collective well-being.
  • What is the difference between Juplaya and Constellation City?
    Juplaya emphasizes dispersed, self-reliant camping without a central theme or organizing body. Constellation City is a permitted, community-focused event with resources pooled together to support art, communal facilities, and a sustainable ethos.
  • How does Everywhen differentiate from other desert events?
    Everywhen stands out by emphasizing Leave No Trace, offering temple-centric events for inner growth, fostering community, and integrating mythology, storytelling, ritual, and ceremonies into its fabric.
  • How do I get involved?
    Engage with the Everywhen by purchasing tickets, showcasing art, bringing a camp, creating an experience, volunteering for various roles, or spreading the word about the project to grow the community.
  • What are your Ethos?
    Everywhen's ethos are Building Community, Nourishing the Spirit, Telling Tall Tales, Leaving No Trace, and Doing No Harm. These guide the project's actions and goals, emphasizing community, environmental stewardship, and personal and collective growth.
  • When and where does the event take place?
    Constellation City takes place on the Black Rock Desert Playa near Gerlach, Nevada. The Event dates for the next three years are: 2024: July 3-9, 2024. 2025: July 2-8, 2025. 2026: July 1-7, 2026.
  • What are the ticket prices for the event?
    Early Bird + Meal Plan: $335.00 Early Bird: $185.00 Camping + Meal Plan: $400.00 General Camping: $250.00 Generous Spirit: Choose a price above $275.00 Generous Spirit + Meal Plan: Choose a price above $425.00
  • What is the Generous Spirit ticket?
    A contribution tier for those wishing to support the event's sustainability and community projects. It includes a meal plan option.
  • Can I volunteer in exchange for a ticket?
    Yes, volunteers can exchange specific commitment levels for a ticket. Interested parties should contact us early to secure a placement.
  • Are tickets available at the gate?
    Yes, provided the event hasn't sold out. All vehicle passengers must have a ticket.
  • Will IDs be required, and does my ticket need to match my ID?
    IDs are required for age verification for certain wristbands. Your ticket doesn’t need to match your ID.
  • Can tickets be resold?
    Yes, tickets can be resold.
  • Are tickets refundable?
    No, tickets are not refundable.
  • Is Everywhen a family-friendly event?
    Yes, but attendees should consider the desert environment and potential adult themes in art and performances when bringing minors.
  • Must children be ticketed?
    Yes, all attendees require a ticket.
  • Will in and out privileges be available?
    Yes, attendees will have in and out privileges.
  • How do I ensure my ticket purchase is secure?
    Purchase tickets through the official Everywhen Project website and be wary of third-party resellers to avoid scams.
  • Is there a limit on the number of tickets I can purchase?
    No. We thank you for your support!
  • What types of events can I expect at Constellation City?
    Attendees can look forward to a mix of communal meals, art installations, ceremonies, parades, daily wellness workshops and unique performances, all fostering a vibrant community spirit.
  • How do I prepare for visiting the Everywhen?
    Review the attendee guide at the Everywhen website for comprehensive preparation tips, including packing essentials for desert conditions and community ethos adherence.
  • What are the camping arrangements in the Everywhen?
    The camping arrangements in the Everywhen are organized into designated neighborhoods, each with its own character and quiet hours to accommodate various participant preferences. Camping is strictly in these neighborhoods, ensuring communal spaces like the Art Park and Art Gardens remain focused on artistic and reflective activities. The neighborhoods include: Constellation Core, the vibrant heart of the event with a mix of activities and quiet hours from 2 AM to 7 AM for rest. Tranquility Zone, offering a peaceful retreat with quiet hours from 10 PM to 7 AM, ideal for those seeking calm. Cosmic Carnival, where the energy never fades, and there are no designated quiet hours, catering to those who thrive on continuous activity. These arrangements ensure that all attendees can find a space that suits their needs, whether they're looking for community engagement, solitude, or a blend of both.
  • How does Everywhen ensure the event is environmentally friendly?
    By adhering to Leave No Trace ethos, implementing sustainable practices, and encouraging attendees to minimize their environmental impact.
  • How can I contribute art or a performance?
    Submit your art or performance proposal through the Everywhen Culture website, adhering to guidelines for safety and theme relevance.
  • Are fires, fire art, and fire performances allowed?
    Yes, following strict fire safety guidelines and policies detailed in the attendee guide.
  • Are there any safety tips for attendees?
    Bring first aid supplies, prepare for desert weather, have 1.5 gallons of water for each person per day, and avoid risky behaviors. The closest hospital is in Reno, Nevada, a 2-hour drive away.
  • What do we do with our Trash?
    There are no trash services on the Black Rock Desert playa. You must transport everything you bring out and legally dispose of the trash. Any trash left behind will be reported to the police.
  • How do I ensure I Leave No Trace?
    Prior to arrival, removal all unnecessary packaging, and consider utilizing reusable equipment rather than single use. Bring ground anchors and be aware of high winds; do not let things fly away! Pack out all waste, manage water responsibly, and avoid disturbing the playa surface to protect the desert environment. Avoid things that shed and fly off easily; glitter, feathers and other artifacts that easily shed off do not do well in the Black Rock Desert and will leave a trace, something we wish to avoid!
  • Will water be provided?
    No, you are responsible for your own water supply.
  • Will ice be available?
    No, attendees must plan accordingly for their cooling needs.
  • Are fireworks allowed?
    No. Only the Everywhen Project will be permitted to conduct a fireworks show. If you're a licensed operator interested in facilitating a fireworks show, contact the everywhen project via the chat box on your screen.
  • Are pets allowed in?
    We strongly discouraged animals due to the challenging desert environment and potential distress or death.
  • Is there cell service?
    Service is spotty, with more reliable coverage available towards the town of Gerlach, Nevada (about 15 minutes away).
  • What is your photo policy?
    Consent is required for photography, with Everywhen staff permitted to photograph attendees for official use.
  • Will there be a lost and found?
    Yes, located at Gopherland HQ in Constellation Core.
  • Is there medical assistance available on-site?
    No on-site medical assistance; attendees should bring their own first aid kits and be prepared for self-reliance.
  • Will there be porto potties available at Constellation City?
    Yes, with facilities strategically placed throughout the event for attendee convenience.
  • Will there be vendors for food and drink at Constellation City?
    No, attendees must bring their own food and water supplies. A meal plan ticket is available for purchase, but attendees are still responsible for bringing their own water supply.
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