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Welcome to Mojave Beach, the Everywhen Project’s Art City located in North Edwards, California!


This is a sandy environment, cohabitated by charming desert life such as the Kangaroo Rat, the Kit Fox, Black-tailed Jackrabbits, Horned Lizards, Beetles, Tarantulas and snakes!

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About Mojave Beach​

Mojave Beach is placed next to the two cinder cone mountains for 2022, creating an organic, tight community that is facing outward toward the Mojave Desert expanse. The city contains several districts, allowing camps, installations and homesteads to be placed amongst different city cores: 

  • The Hootenanny, an area dedicated to dance and fire

  • Central City, where Backstage, Hospitality, Medical and other core services are located

  • Quiet Sector, an area without sound in the late evenings and early mornings

  • The Grid, an area of flat land with gravel roads and square blocks

  • Art Parks, a place just for art

Bringing Art or your Homestead 

Do you want to bring your art, art car, performance, homestead (camp) or something altogether different to the Everywhen? Please visit the Project Registry to submit your project.

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The Terrain & Local Area​

The terrain at Mojave Beach is a yellow-red sandy mix of decomposed granite. Desert sagebrush dots the landscape, and two rocky cinder cones sit prominently at the city center. As traversing through the sand can cause some vehicles to become stuck, we recommend that vehicles remain on the gravel roads.

California City is twenty minutes from the event site, allowing for ease of grocery resupply, refueling, or having a sit-down restaurant meal. 


The Mojave climate is one of extremes with common temperature shifts of 40+ degrees paired with strong and sometimes ceaseless winds. The winds carry dust, sand, and plant matter. Be prepared with goggles and a dust mask!

During early October, the days are typically bright, sunny and warm. The evenings will be chilly. Layering clothes is advised. The Santa Ana winds may blow through the landscape as the seasons shift from Summer into Fall. During these wind events, we advise monitoring your ground anchors and hunkering down until the winds cease.

The Cinder Cones at Mojave Beach

Recommended Gear​

SHELTER: As an exposed desert environment without natural shelter, we recommend an RV, trailer, or a tent. Whenever possible, we suggest keeping vehicles nearby or upwind of structures to provide additional wind protection. Augers are the recommended ground anchors for keeping things secure in the sand.

WARMTH: The desert gets COLD at night. A propane fire pit with grill doubles as a cooking fire and a way to keep warm. If having fire, keep a fire extinguisher and/or a bucket of sand nearby. Gloves, hats, jackets, boots, and thermals are recommended for nightwear. Before going to bed, tossing a few air-activated heat packs into your sleeping bag will help keep you warm through the night.


PROTECTION: Goggles, face/dust mask, boots and long socks are suggested for keeping debris and sand away from sensitive areas. For your vehicle, a car cover will reduce risk from sand damage. Ear plugs help with reducing noise when sleeping. When out and about at night, a headlamp or glowing lights will help you keep footing in the sand.

EQUIPMENT: Compressed air will help shift and blow sand from seized mechanical equipment, such rotating locks or zippers. Jumper cables for the vehicle, and consider using solar panels for recharging batteries and powering camps.

2022 Event Schedule

Allegory of the Cave - January 2022 Version.png

OCTOBER 12 - 16, 2022


The Allegory of the Cave is the original Matrix, a story of enlightenment from one of the most important philosophical documents in history, Plato's "The Republic". For those who choose the red pill, get ready for an ascent from out of the darkness towards experiences and revelations previously unimaginable, but ever closer to our true collective and individual nature.

This event follows the Everywhen doacracy philosophy, where ideas, tall tales and adventures, including those on the fringe, are embarked upon by those who revel in the ethereal circus of art and performances, and where desert landscapes breathe life into fantastical dreams.

For the 2022 season, we are inviting campers to join the Art Build experience! The gate is open for ALL who hold a ticket beginning October 9th, 2022 at 10 AM Pacific. During this time, camps will be built, art will be arriving, and the art parks will be a busy hubbub of construction activity. As such, please stay outside of construction zones unless you receive the permission of the artist(s).

Starting October 12th at 8 AM Pacific, all construction is expected to be complete and the main event will begin. If you're seeking an experience where the art and camps are ready for visiting, this is the time for you to arrive!

The Allegory of the Cave event closes out on October 16th at 6 PM Pacific. Artists and camps will have three days to deconstruct their projects, clean up the site, and leave no trace.

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Mojave Production Team