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  • Remove unneeded packaging before arrival

  • All spillable fuels must be stored in an additional container. Bring a plastic bin and store your tanks within the bin. 

  • There are no trash cans at the event 

  • Leave no trace! Pack it in, Pack it out.

Special Items

To make the most of your trip, consider bringing these additional items.

Nourish the Spirit

  • Incense: Bring various scents, such as white sage, to create a magical atmosphere.

  • Tapestries & Prayer Flags. Add a celestial touch to your campsite.

  • Hammocks, Cushions & Rugs. Bring bohemian comfort to your home, and make a space for guests to relax.

  • Singing Bowls, Herbal Teas, Tarot Cards. Extend the tall tale through an interactive experience. Consider offering teas, creating a sound bath, or rituals. The imagination is the limit!

  • Fire Dancing? Bring a fire blanket so anyone can put the fire out, in case your hair or clothes are on fire.

  • Musical Instruments. Build community through music and song

  • A written intention. Prepare for the magickal journey you are about to embark on

  • Talismans, amulets, or other personal objects. Helpful in group rituals

  • Ritual robe or other magical outfit

  • Yoga rug or mat

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