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An Amazing Juplaya Reversal

Published on June 24, 2022


Who's first? Typically, it's this guy. Hi, Dustin!

WHAT? It definitely ain't the Everywhen without a little spice and heat. This blog post is sprinkled with caffeine, delirium and very little sleep; I waved goodnight to the sun as it rose this morning.

And what was I busy doing? Packing up for the Allegory of the Cave event at Constellation City in the Black Rock Desert.

Now, I know the previous blog article stated that we've turned down the permit. And that's true. To best summarize what's happen since then, I'll quote Dust Daka as he describes our saga in the Black Rock Playa Camper Community:

"Some of you may be confused about what is up with Everywhen, which is understandable because they are now on Plan D. Let me offer a somewhat lengthy summary.

Plan A was a ticketed event for up to 1000 people, with a budget in the low six figures, including art grants. A commercial permit was applied for, and BLM had a long list of requirements that would have absorbed most of that budget. BLM also was requiring a gate, a fence, an exclusion zone, and the like, similar to Burning Man. Ticket sales fell short of the target, and BLM’s permit processing bandwidth proved to be limited (they are busy with “that other thing in the desert”), so Plan A was abandoned in mid-May and Everywhen announced that the event had been canceled.

Plan B was to go to the playa during Juplaya and set up as an unpermitted dispersed camp, as Everywhen has done for a number of years.

Plan C was triggered by a request from BLM about a week later that Everywhen resubmit an application, this time for a non-commercial camp of up to 200 campers. This happened in late May.

A few weeks after that (just a few weeks ago) BLM indicated that it would prefer to permit Everywhen as a commercial event. This would allow the permit to cover services such as portos, and also put Everywhen on a different fee schedule that would be easier for BLM to administer, and cheaper for Everywhen. Thus, Plan D.

Plan D is different from Plan A, because there are no tickets, no gate, and no fence. But Everywhen can do things (like a sound stage, light towers, portos) that they otherwise might not be able to do. Plan D is largely being funded by former Plan A ticket holders that have donated what they paid for their tickets. Everywhen Project is a non-profit LLC that can accept deductible donations.

So what is now happening is a permitted event for up to 200 campers, about 1 mile to the southeast of the 8-mile entrance. Those campers will be accommodated in an approximately 250 x 500 foot area named Backstage, which is adjacent to a 700 foot radius “art park.” The Backstage camp is full and several trucks will be rolling to the playa today.

Outside of the Backstage and art park areas, nothing is any different from an ordinary Juplaya. Independent dispersed campers are free to camp just a