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Updated: Feb 25, 2021

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Everywhen Project was registered as a Nevada-based nonprofit in September, 2020 and paperwork was filed with the IRS for national recognition as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The original Everywhen artists formed a Board of Directors, comprised mostly by those who attended Seplaya, and began recruiting from the amazing pool of campers, former project associates, and then the broader community at large to build an organized, art-infused camping event in a location where happenstance would lead strangers to form close friendships.

A screen grab from the Fall 2020 Leadership Summit, where the Everywhen Project team formally began building a team to support new artistic endeavors to begin in 2021.

Based on the “do-acracy” vibe of the original desert camping group, expanded to support reusable art, the Everywhen Project’s goals are to provide a framework and infrastructure to support a quirky arts festival, with a walkable city design with extensive stellar views, whether part of a coordinated homestead or not, so that every person is empowered to choose their very best adventure.

Everywhen's Seplaya Village, 2020

With reusability as a key focus, no art will be burned; however, fire art is strongly encouraged. As lovers of Dalí and other surrealist artists, the Mandala City design itself is an art form, within which campers will select their homestead plot to make their own. Five art parks, spread throughout the city, provides convenient access to art spaces, and the fractal nature of the city allows campers to choose from a variety of homestead flavors: the outer ring of the city, where there are wide open vistas of art cars and recreational vehicles enjoying the halo of open playa, there are inner districts of live music surrounding the centrally located Temple Park, the sunset side of the city is where the loudest music and the biggest party scene will reside, and then there’s the chill, quiet zone towards sunrise… The choice, is theirs.

The Everywhen

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