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It is time to bring home your favorite family and friends!
by Mathew Gilbuena

Published on September 13, 2022

Horse and Adam at Mojave Beach ‘21

In a month, we will be reunited in the Mojave Desert and we'll watch the seasons change from Summer to Fall. We will experience pleasant days in the low 80s, and brisk fur-filled evenings in the 50s. It's perfect weather to snuggle by a fire, or dance the night away!

A lot of my friends have just returned home from Burning Man, and they seem to share a universal sentiment on how difficult that journey was: it was hot! it was windy! everything broke!

One thing I love a lot about our home at Mojave is just how easy it all is: unlimited passage through the gate for grocery store runs, costco, or hell: even picking up a pizza! And if you don't want to leave, many folks last year opted to have food delivered! Yep. California City is close enough for food to be delivered to the event site.

Perhaps the charm of what we all do is that it's a bit hard. Or perhaps the charm of what THIS is is that it is also quite easy. Come recover with your friends with a much lower lift. Dust off your gear, bring your jackets (that you didn't wear!) and come out to the Mojave. Some folks even stayed at a hotel 10 minutes away. It can be as easy (or as challenging) as you'd like.

Because having lots of friends is more fun, we're providing bulk discounts for tickets. Starting at 5 tickets or more, get a 20% discount (that's 1 free ticket starting on the 5th ticket order). Grab your tickets today! Your ticket purchase funds the arts!


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