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Art & Homestead Registry

Everywhen 101

Bring Art

  • Bring art to the Everywhen and give it continued life after the event.

  • Upcycle projects and reuse material when and where possible.

  • Assemble or disassemble art within 3 days.


Tell Tall Tales

  • Share a greatly exaggerated, fantastic story.

  • Create a powerfully pleasing, appealing, or delightful experience

Do No Harm

  • Be kind to one another.

  • Protect the environment and its inhabitants.


Leave No Trace

  • Don't be trashy. Pack it in, pack it out!

Bring Art

Bringing Art to the Everywhen

Do you want to bring your art, art car, performance, or something altogether different to the Everywhen? Please be aware of the following:


  • No art is permitted to burn down.

  • Flame effects are allowed, and will be subject to inspection

  • Art must be built within 3 days.

  • Art must be disassembled, removed and site cleaned within 3 days after the event ends.

  • Consider up-cycling or reusing existing projects or material.

Allegory of the Cave

The Allegory of the Cave is the original Matrix, a story of enlightenment from one of the most important philosophical documents in history, Plato's "The Republic". For those who choose the red pill, get ready for an ascent from out of the darkness towards experiences and revelations previously unimaginable, but ever closer to our true collective and individual nature.


As a contributing artist, we hope that you choose to explore this theme further within your submitted work.

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Registering your Homestead (Camp)

Welcome to the Everywhen, a place where tall tales, art and human ingenuity is celebrated. This is an open call to all dreamers, doers and makers who wish to create and share their magic within the Everywhen by creating a homestead (camp) with an interactive experience. Is it a puppet show? Perhaps a storytime village? Let us know what magic you wish to weave.


For those who want to create an organized experience, an interactive camp, dance stage, service, or an otherwise noteworthy destination, this is the registry for you.

City Districts

The Everywhen contains distinctive neighborhoods, each with their own character and ambiance. Our homestead team will weave your site plan into the tapestry of the city to create thematic settings for each location to thrive with its very own distinctive magic. As you develop your homestead's full vision, please note the different neighborhoods found within the Everywhen:

  • The Hootenanny, an area dedicated to dance and fire

  • Central City, where Backstage, Hospitality, Medical and other core services are located

  • Quiet Sector, an area without sound in the late evenings and early mornings

  • The Grid/Avenues, an area of flat land with roads and square blocks

Homestead Types

Are you a small residential camp or individual camper? Registration is not needed. For everyone else: Homesteads are classified into these broad categories:

  • Large Residential Homesteads, comprised of camps held together with common infrastructure and unified in operation

  • Destination Homesteads, a place for interaction and shared activities.

  • Music or Art Car Homesteads, lots with room for dance floors or art car parking. Close to bathrooms.

  • Services Homesteads, a place of service to the community

Ready to register your Homestead? Click below:

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of the Cave