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Camp Registration

Welcome to the Everywhen, a place where tall tales, art and human ingenuity is celebrated. This is an open call to all dreamers, doers and makers who wish to create and share their magic within the Everywhen by creating a homestead (camp) with an interactive experience. Is it a puppet show? Perhaps a village to share your tales? The imagination is the limit for what magic you can to weave.

Bringing Art to Constellation City

Do you want to bring your art, art car, performance, or something altogether different to the Everywhen? These guidelines shape Constellation City! Here's what you need to keep in mind as you prepare to join us:

✅ Consider up-cycling or reusing existing projects or material.

✅ Flame effects are allowed, and will be subject to inspection

✅ Art and camps must be built within 3 days.

✅ Art and camps must be disassembled, removed and site cleaned within 3 days after the event ends.

🚫 No art is permitted to burn down.

🚫 No lasers are allowed within Constellation City

🚫 No camps in the Art Park

Everywhen Ethos


The ethos of Constellation City is centered around the principles of "Make Family, Bring Art, Tell Tall Tales, Leave No Trace, and Do No Harm." These values are at the core of our community and guide everything we do, from the creation of art projects to our interactions with each other and the environment.

At Constellation City, we believe in creating a community where everyone feels welcomed, accepted, and valued. Our focus on "Make Family" encourages us to form bonds and connections with each other, fostering a sense of belonging and inclusiveness.

Bringing art to the city is another important aspect of our ethos. We believe that art has the power to inspire, challenge, and bring people together. Every year, our art park showcases a variety of art projects, ranging from large-scale installations to intimate performances. Our goal is to provide a space where artists can showcase their work and connect with the community.

"Tell Tall Tales" is about celebrating the imaginative and fantastical. Whether it's through elaborate costumes, elaborate camp setups, or performances, we encourage everyone to embrace their inner storyteller and share their unique perspectives with the rest of the community.

One of the defining characteristics of Constellation City is our focus on sustainability and community. We believe in Leave No Trace, which means we leave the desert as we found it and minimize our impact. But our commitment to Do No Harm goes beyond just leaving no trace. It's about treating each other with kindness, respect, and empathy, and creating a community where everyone feels safe and supported.

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