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Meow Meow

Amanda Nevarez

Build Team



Amanda is a Directors Guild of America Assistant Director and soon-to-be Director from Los
Angeles, California. As a Mexican American woman, Amanda can trace her roots back to
Indigenous Mexico however, she does not speak Spanish as a 2nd generation Californian.
Amanda plans on directing her first films this year with several projects in development. She
enjoys working in various aspects of creative fields from producing movies to running camps at
Burning Man and regionals in Southern California.

Amanda’s current plan is to bring her skills to The Everywhen Project, while curating her own
art. She is also known for running a very successful campaign to convict two child murderers in
Los Angeles County. Her volunteer work has led her to also work closely with the Latino Film
Festival as well as learning different aspects of event production.

Amanda’s favorite past time activities include Karaoke, Dungeons and Dragons and learning
new technology, including her current adventure into Unreal Engines.

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