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Dannel Shanker

Technology Manager



The purpose of my role with The Everywhen Project is to lead the technical team’s efforts to ideate, strategize, architect, and implement the digital infrastructure for both audience-facing and internal systems. The tech team is responsive to the needs of other EWP departments and works cross-functionally to enable ubiquitous Playa magic. If I do this job well you won’t even know that I exist, which is how I like it. We have ambitious plans in store to enable all sorts of whizbang new categories of audience participation, facilitated by whatever janky-@$$ tech they’re giving away to nonprofits nowadays, assembled with love, and offered for your dusty consideration.

In real life, I’m a Sales Engineer that helps overcome technical obstacles presented by prospective clients. I get a kick out of helping developers understand how to leverage and/or consume the APIs I’m offering, and getting them jazzed to move forward implementing with us. I look forward to getting ya’ll jazzed to come check out our little Playa thingamabob and when you get out there for the love of dorf, PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY and immerse yourself in the moment! You’re only allowed to use the wifi to upload pictures and get your friends jealous so they’ll join us next year. Deal? Great! See you there!

Your friendly neighborhood cat herder,

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