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David John Tweedie

Airport Manager



Birdman, as he likes to be called, will lead our Aerodrome Team who are charged to plan, establish and conduct a “pilots homestead” at the NE corner of The Everywhen Horizon. “Bird” is a retired 30yr Boeing Everett airplane delivery specialist, a Senior Quality Systems Analyst for 787 Delivery. The magic of flight was something that Mr Bird never grew out of. Since being an aero mechanic that lifts his kilt…his vision of the EWP Aerodrome (airport), is to have a safe pilot-friendly oasis, a shaded village with nearby sleeping wings? To help this happen, Birdman holds an FAA airman A&P Certificate; starting 1985 in GA airframes but then, primarily worked on turbine engines for the USAF as a Jet-Tech NCO; moved on to large jet airframe manufacturing while at Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

He is currently a Black Rock Travel Agency corporate president, (BM airport theme camp NPO), 2-yrs BRTA LNT Lead, 2-yrs BxA Logistics Lead, BRCMA 88NV Ramp Officer, member ManWatch, member Temple Guardians. Bird may be old looking but, that all comes from being a father of 4 good, and grown, children. His partner and companion is just that, a Dusty Companion, who Bird sincerely hopes will be at The Everywhen!

Bird likes an adventure and is doing his best to become an ex-pat in Costa Rica. There, he has enjoyed working at festival Envision and has been a Lead Ranger for two years and in safety/security: protectores del pueblo! Birdman and DC come from North of Seattle where they live in the woods with their pet wolf hybrids.


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