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Frank the Tank

Frank Castañeda

Build Team



Frank is a passionate and creative artist, builder, and software architect. His default world work experience includes a decade of development at IBM’s emerging technology center - Pervasive Computing division and the WebSphere Technology Institute, working closely with the brand CTO on highly scalable web and mobile platforms, launching 5 new products. His desire to change the world drove him to join a couple of startups in the green-tech sector and contributed not only in development but, as a manager in director-level roles. His inventiveness has awarded him 8 patents issued in the US as the primary inventor - 4 as the sole inventor; an ACM/SIGSAC publication; and the respect of his technical peers. His education is in computer science; BS and Masters, earned with honors, from Georgia Tech and NC State, however, he is generally skilled at building and particularly enjoys problem-solving. He’s also dabbled in art, architectural drafting, and computer-assisted drafting and given the resources, he can build just about anything.

Frank hails from the warm sunny South Florida and is not afraid of a little hot weather so he feels quite at home on the Playa. His great passion stems from his Latino/Cuban background, yet he never quite fit in with the hip Miami crowd. He's been a computer nerd ever since he got his first childhood x386, which made him very open-minded and always sought out others with unique ideas. After his experience as a drone working for a cooperate, tech giant, he decided to find something more meaningful and moved to the wild west of technology – Silicon Valley. After holding some high-impact positions at a few green-tech startups, he pondered how he can get more involved with the creative community. Again, he was not looking at the big guys – but how he can make an impact on smaller projects; and being a bit of a pyro – collaborated with hydrocarbon collective and illumination village (illville) to bring out some really cool fire art projects including Torch Song and Fire Skee Ball to the Playa. Frank loves small projects and is really excited about breaking down barriers to entry for aspiring artists and helping them get started. He believes great art does not have to have a 20-foot-tall structure and a crew of 100 people to create, but comes out of small unexpected projects which are very intimate with the builders and artists working together. This spirit is what he wishes to incubate and promote within The Everywhen community. And - by the way - he loves to make beer and share his wild ales with all who are ready for some very strong and exotic flavors.

Frank the Tank

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