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Gabrielle Levy

Gopherland Kitchen Manager



*Little rascals hand under chin wave* Hii I’m Gabby; on and off playa I am known as Snacks!!

I make them, I eat them, and I am one!

I’ve been apart of the Everywhen since 2020; in some shape way or form.

I am a nomadic soul, and a certified Chef. Who graduated top of their class; with Magna Cum Laude status. My dishes have been award winning and featured on television.

No matter what Kitchen Magic, knife skills I am for known; I am a Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitten in Human Form. An All Around Magical Being!!!

I am seasoned with playa dust, and have gained my production team knowledge and experience in a multitude of ways for the last almost 10 years; though it feels like so much longer.

I’ve greeted weary travelers as they have arrived, bewildered, and exhausted. I’ve been known as a “Camp Mom” wrangling up “little dragons”, looking after camp mates while they romped and played in various scenic settings, tending to minor medical and emotional needs.

I am also a builder, and have helped create spaces in which humans of all ages can feel free without judgment; to run, climb, jump, play and let their imaginations come to life.

With a harness strapped to my body, clipped in, hard hat on, and steel tipped I’ve helped build art that has reached heights taller than some trees. My eyes light with joy watching the LED walls I’ve helped build, are raised to trim, and the LED floors I’ve helped lay out light up. They enhance the smiles on people’s faces as the dance the night away under the Neon Moon.

I’ve raised the walls and put the pieces together like a jigsaw of 4 different Temples on and off playa; in hopes to unify people. It fills my heart to create vessels where people can grieve, meditate, give blessings to the Universe, and or their higher power.

However; what I am most known for is feeding hundreds of hungry mouths. It feels soo good; fueling them up for the day, and or reenergizing them as they come in from a day of volunteering;(Working).

I have even been known to take my “ Mobil Hydration / Snack station on the Road”
prancing around with a wagon full in tow; venturing out to build sites to bring nourishment, and rehydration to those who haven’t had a moment to take a break. Sometimes we all need a friendly reminder to do some self care.

These are all just some examples of the magic I bring being part of build.

I feel my job isn’t done there; Ive been known to stay through strike and (LNT) Leave No Trace; picking up the pieces.

“Putting Our Toys Away”; loading it all away for the next adventure, is what keeps drawing me back.

All of it is why I love being a part of creating something awesome, not just participating in what others have created.

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