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Laura Warren

Backstage Manager



Laura Warren aka Jadestone, moved to Reno, NV in 2007. Living in Reno allowed her to become involved in some large art builds and fundraising for said art. Through connections of the art community, she was inspired to do more. One July 4th weekend she decided to forego her traditional Pyramid Lake campout and follow some friends out to the Black Rock Desert. The hot dusty environment intrigued her, the small town of Gerlach she found charming. Many other visits were taken (some of them just day trips) out to that playa. Seeing the vastness of the ancient Lake Lahontan's Dry Lakebed as a great backdrop to feature art and connect with fellow artists, she kept her eyes open for the perfect charity to fit that need. Years later she found it in The Everywhen Project.

Laura has a degree in Visual Communications and is very active within her community of Reno. A former board member of a local health-oriented charity and an avid supporter of local art and music, she works hard to promote the causes she believes in. She has worked in local media and knows how to connect people to make a project productive. Never seeking a spotlight, she prefers to work behind the scenes.

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