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Mathew Gilbuena

Executive Producer, Founder, President & Chair


Board of Directors

They call me Bureaucracy because I enjoy bringing dreamers together to build and grow while giving them the tools, resources, and support to achieve their goals. I believe that everyone should have an opportunity to be part of a major work, where they enter a state of flow as the body and mind functions at their peak, realize their goals, and discover a prevailing sense of happiness.

By no means is creating The Everywhen an easy task; it is, in fact, so enjoyable because it is not. My role is to build and continuously challenge The Everywhen Project team to put out their best work. The team is continually asked by me to recognize ego, transcend familiar ideas, and try new things. They are tasked to seek out and surround themselves with brilliant, courageous, and artistic individuals, and to create a most unusual, surrealistic, and mind-blowing creative experience.

I have had the opportunity to participate in building and leading small and large art projects, on and off the playa, fulfilling roles such as being a hammer, to fundraising hundreds of thousands on short timescales; I’ve relished in experiencing the joys and difficulties of being the project manager, learning how to support campers as mayor and resolving interpersonal relations, to the excitement, happiness, sorrows, and joys that are the gifts of being the lead artist.

These projects have had their major successes, as well as their critical failures, all of which are important for understanding the different roles one can undertake on their journey to build and create, learning how to work with others, and discovering what it takes to make an environment that resonates with others.

Through my experiences, I have noticed that the increasing entropy of systems ultimately leads to new ways, and as such, we are building The Everywhen to be a framework for fluidly partnering with entropy as a form of expression: in order to continuously build and develop communities, support new ideas, and celebrate experiences, we must be nimble, dynamic and unafraid to try new things. We have The Everywhen -- our collective consciousness -- to guide us as we apply the lessons learned to build new futures.

Our project is here to give you the support to conceptualize and realize your creative dreams. In recognition of this challenge, we call you, the visitors, the builders, and the dreamers of The Everywhen: the Pioneers.


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