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Michael Parisi



Executive Board

My professional experience as a Director of Marketing, software/media developer, and startup entrepreneur, allow me to bring critical branding, marketing, and leadership skills to The Everywhen table.

Born in the vast California wasteland known as the San Joaquin Valley, I was probably the weirdest kid that everybody got along with. Driven by a passion for art and a penchant for the unusual, the world of video game creation opened up to me in the mid 90’s so, I left the cultural bleach of the valley and landed in the wacky, techie Bay Area.

It was there that I met my first burner brethren. They scared the shit out of me and, I immediately fell in love with all of them; as well as with the whole culture. The intense creative vibe they all carried so beautifully seemed too good to be true. But it wasn’t, it was real…I’d found a new family. Since then, I’ve been involved with three large-scale art projects on the Black Rock Desert, volunteered for everything from cleaning up broken glass behind the bar back (aka Recycling), live music performances, to psychedelic harm reduction (aka Zendo). Also, I may or may not be Ziggy Skulldust.


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