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General Travel Tips

For a truly immersive experience, we recommend camping at Constellation City. Prepare your tent or shade structure to withstand high winds. We offer porta potties, a meal plan, and common shade infrastructure for your convenience. For those seeking alternative lodging, Bruno's in Gerlach provides a comfortable option.

RV Dust Abatement

Keeping Your RV Dust-Free Dust is an inevitable part of the desert experience. To minimize it in your RV, use clear packing tape on windows and air filters in your ventilation system. Rugs at entry points help reduce dust indoors.

Shade Structures & Staying Cool

Stay cool with spray bottles, umbrellas, and wet scarves or bandanas. Securely anchor your shade structures to withstand the desert winds.

Mindful Driving

Whether you're passing through bustling cities or serene Tribal Lands, it's important to travel with respect and awareness. Adhere to speed limits and be vigilant for wildlife, including wild horses, mule deer, and other local fauna. In Tribal Lands, please be extra respectful of local customs and regulations, and ensure you have the necessary permits for any activities. Across all areas, do not litter and be mindful of your impact on the environment. Safe and considerate travel ensures a pleasant journey for you and those around you.

  • Wildlife Awareness: Be vigilant for wild horses, mule deer, mountain lions, pronghorn antelope, and free-range cows crossing the roads.

  • Waste Disposal: Do not use public trash containers without the owner's permission. Pack out your trash responsibly.

  • Pyramid Lake Permits: Pyramid Lake Permits

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