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A busy time, while we wait for the permit green light...

Things have been quite busy within the Everywhen, with a lot of focus on ticket distribution strategy, beefing up our internal systems in order to handle the volume of grants and projects we'll be sponsoring, as well as minor details within the city (can a sewage truck pull through this spot in order to service the bathrooms? Can an Art Car turn left at this junction?)

Another interesting conversation that we're having is enabling discussion on distributed power grids among the homesteads themselves, and how to allow camps to work with each other to decide if they want to participate in creating a grid or not.

* * *

The first year will be a year of prototyping before making things at scale. One of the projects I am working on is designing lighting that is off-the-grid. The sketch below is not at scale (the height proportions are all wrong) but imagine the bottom of the dangling lantern being at least 8' up. It would be best to keep out any monkey action.

These light posts will act as functional lighting, be able to generate their own power, and potentially use some form of parent/child relationship (perhaps only one power generation source is needed for X # of posts).

For the first year, these lanterns will be placed as the front facade of the Backstage camp. We'll see how they do, make changes as needed, and then produce them in larger quantities for year 2.

As we're in the concept generation phase at this time, speak up! What is your idealized event-wide lighting?

Let me know :)

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