An Immersive Camping Experience

Tell tall tales in a world profoundly deep within the Surreal:
Experience a desert expanse filled with
Art, Ideas, and the Freedom to express 


Bring Art

Want to bring your art, art car, performance, or something altogether different to The Everywhen? Need to request a grant to help you get off the ground? Here's the place to start your journey!

Build a Camp or Experience
This is an open call to all dreamers, doers and makers who wish to create and share their magic within the Everywhen at the Mojave Desert.  If you would like a secure a deed to develop a homestead, destination, radioactive or industrial campsite, this is the page for you. Homestead Registration is not required for individual campers, small camps, or independent groups.

I want to Volunteer
Are you a creative individual with a thirst to help others create art and to develop community? This page is for those who want to join the Everywhen Production Team! Please be sure to read through the Everywhen Origin Stories to learn about who we are and how we became to be.

Media Credentials
All media credential applicants must be on assignment from an official, verified media outlet. You will be required to (briefly) state your assignment which will be verified through your editor. Freelance journalists and photographers fall under the same terms and agreements as a general admission ticket holder and are therefore not considered for designated media credentials. Accepted applicants and their editors will be notified through email. Media personnel with granted access to The Everywhen 2021 event will be required to register at the Everywhen Media Office and pick up an identifying placard to be worn when representing their respective media organization.

Contact us HERE to be considered.