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A Portrait of the Everywhen Project: From Blank Canvas to Full Steam Ahead

Published on June 22, 2021

Last August the EWP crew headed out to the Black Rock Desert to build the bones of a mini-city. Though mostly an experiment, our intention to survey a massive arced street, minimal infrastructure, and whatever art people wanted to bring accidentally put in motion a scalable pattern of organization, setting off a chain of events that would spark the creation of the Electric Universe. Towards the end of the week, revelers who would brave the journey to beyond the playa mirages discovered a living, thriving village. Certainly, nobody showed up because they knew about us ahead of time, but they stayed because Seplaya Village was bumping with art, music and celebration of community.

Once the skeleton of Seplaya Village was laid out- the “promenade” (our version of the familiar esplanade), the temple, portos, and the Grand Soiree in the middle- everything that happened next was pure organic human momentum. I’m fascinated by what makes people tick and the observation that really stuck out was the emerging relationship between structure and the qualitative experience of art, eventually transforming that “light touch” infrastructure into an experience of magical discovery and connection. People, it seems, love to prioritize organizational efforts first, but then quickly pivot to novelty and wonder. My conclusion: Art is most exciting on the event horizon, in that space between the liminal and subliminal, that moment when the colors hit the blank canvas.

No drama at the Drama Bar (that night, anyway)