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Riders of The Storm
by Sera Storm

Published on February 10, 2024

Embark with me on a tale as ancient as the shifting sands, about a place where the veil between worlds is as thin as the desert air—Old Lake Lahontan, or as it should rightly be called, "Lake Le Haunt On." This narrative, though draped in the cloak of folklore, may for some unfold into a vivid tapestry of peculiar reality, differing vastly from the experiences of those who tread its paths in times past.

In the heart of nowhere, where the horizon blends seamlessly with the inky sky, there lies a stretch of road untouched by the glow of street lamps. Here, in the profound silence of the desert night, one might encounter the whispers of the paranormal, a space where the unexplained breathes freely.

Our journey begins as you, perhaps unwittingly, prepare to traverse this otherworldly landscape. Maybe you find yourself at a quaint rest stop in Fernley, just off the beaten path of the interstate. With your vehicle now ready, the day’s warnings of sporadic cell service echo in your mind—a minor inconvenience for an experienced traveler like yourself. Equipped with snacks and a full tank, you embark, confident in your navigation skills and the adventure that awaits.

As dusk gives way to the deep velvet of night, you notice the absence of any companions on this lonely stretch of road. Surrounded by the dark silhouettes of mountains under a star-studded sky, a sense of isolation begins to seep into your bones. It is here, amidst the vastness of Nevada's darkened deserts, that "Riders on the Storm" by The Doors finds its way through your speakers, a serendipitous soundtrack to your solitary journey.

But soon, a peculiar sensation takes hold. Despite the motion of your vehicle, you can't shake the feeling that you are somehow stationary, that the world around you moves while you remain fixed in space and time. Questions and doubts swirl, fed by the eerie stillness of your surroundings and the haunting melody that now seems more a harbinger than a song.

You endeavor to shake off the creeping unease, changing the track, attempting to anchor yourself to something tangible. Yet, the sensation persists, a gnawing feeling that you've become a stranger, a traveler in a land that defies the laws of physics and reason.

No landmarks guide your way, no signs warn of the transition from the mundane to the mystical. Alone on this stretch of road, you become acutely aware of your singular presence in a vast, empty expanse. Even the road beneath you seems to play tricks, its grating a reminder of the world's tangible elements, yet somehow disjointed from your current experience.

A need for air compels you to roll down your window, inviting in the night's cool breath and a scent that speaks of dust and mystery. It is a smell unplaceable, yet distinctly of the desert—a reminder of the many souls who may have traversed this path before you, leaving behind echoes of their passage in the shifting sands.

Warnings and whispers of old tales surface in your mind, tales of ghostly encounters and entities that roam the desert night. You recall words of caution about the shadows that beckon and the deceptive allure of distant lights. Yet, it is the term "Dustance"—a curious blend of 'dust' and 'distance'—that captures your imagination, embodying the essence of your journey through this haunted landscape.

As "Dreamcatcher" fills the silence, a voice within urges you to ponder your feelings, to acknowledge the surreal nature of your journey. In this moment, you realize that you are more than just a passerby; you are part of a narrative much grander, a participant in the eternal dance of stories that weave through the fabric of the Everywhen.

Approaching the outskirts of Gerlach, signs emerge from the darkness, welcoming you to a place that feels both familiar and otherworldly. Here, at the threshold of your "Dustination," you stand at the crossroads of reality and myth, where every step forward is a step into the unknown.

Amidst the whispers of the past and the echoes of tales untold, we find ourselves confronted with the infinite possibilities that unfold under the watchful eyes of the desert stars.

As you stand there, the luminosity of the stars casting shadows on the ground, you understand that your journey was never just about reaching a destination, but a glimpse into the mysteries that lie in wait in the shadowy realms of "The Inbetween Lands." It was about discovering the portals that lead to the Everywhen, about becoming a part of a tale that transcends time and space. You are no longer just a visitor to this land; you have become a custodian of its stories, a guardian of its mysteries.

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