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Taking The Small Steps
by Sera Storm

Published on March 28, 2022

"Small Steps of Faith can lead to Grand Epiphanies of Realization!"Having a little bit of Faith in something is a very important thing to have in every person's Life. Faith, not in meaning faith of any particular type of belief system, but more so in a Faith of one's own Self. Not wanting to steal a quote from one my old favorite TV shows, but to put that same quote into action and perspective say to yourself:"Boldly go where no one has gone before!"This can be a simple enough "Leader Phrase" to help you make some of your own "First Steps" on a Trek that might just next take you to places unknown where some Grand Epiphany or discovery can be found.

As with any Epiphany however you need to add in a level of "Realization". This realization may be a rather overwhelming one right at first, especially once The "Woah!" Factor subsides a bit! You might inadvertently and unfortunately find yourself forgetting a few points you might would want to otherwise remember. Don't fear that possibility occuring though. As they say:"All good things come in time!"Yes, this is another place where you should "plug in" a touch of Faith about yourself. I say that because "Full Recall" of any Epiphany is not going to happen just because "The Light Bulb Turned On In Your Head!" suddenly.

It takes time for you to soak in and absorb everything in it and it takes time for any mental "Ripple Effects" to occur that may lead you to answering the question of "What next?".It is during times when I'm writing things like this an old Latin phrase comes to mind."Cogito, ego sum!"This Latin phrase is roughly translated to mean in English:"I think, therefore I am!"I find this phrase a rather useful one in many ways! In fact I have used it alongside many a philosophical discussion I have had in the past as it does have a number of much deeper meanings, some of which most might not even realize.

The phrase above can be used as a personal daily affirmation by the way. It along with one of it's subtle, as I like to call it, "Reflective Meanings". This reflective meaning most will not notice at first. To say "I think, therefore I am!" also says:"I Am, therefore I think!"In a "Mirrored" context of reflectivity.One reason why I'm bringing this up into this writing is to "Take Those Small Steps" and to be able to "Lead" yourself in a good direction sometimes it takes a lot of "Thought", "Inter Reflection", and "Self Realization" that may be needed beforehand. For example: When you wake up from a good sleep and head to your "Privvy" aka restroom most will usually have a mirror available above their sink where they will wash their hands. The washing of the hands being a "Cleanliness Ritual" can be used as well as a "Symbolic Ritual" of a meaning of a "Clean" or "Fresh Start". Use it by putting that thought into your mind. Next look at yourself in the mirror and quietly say to yourself "I think, therefore I am!". Then just after doing that visualize your reflection answering you back in your mind "I Am, therefore I think!". Breath in, breath out then go about the resof your day.To some doing something like that might sound a tad bit silly, but it really isn't. You see by adding simple little daily "Affirmation Rituals" like this to your daily routine can not only bring in the thought that you are "Acknowledging" your very own "Existence", but it also brings in the thought that you are already "Thinking" and "Existing" and "Experiencing" both and all of it at the same time. This "Realization" in and of itself might just be the "Inspiring Factor" you might need to better help you get to some of those "Grand Epiphanies" you might need!"Small Steps Taken Are Steps Taken Nonetheless!"Even if at times you may have to back step a bit to find something you might have missed along the way."Boldly face each day and the next!"

"Seek your own Unknown Territories!"And above all else"Realize your own Existence!""Take Those Small Steps!"As there is no other person, personification, or personality out there that is exactly like you! That IS what makes "YOU" Unique!I hope in some way that you and whoever else that gets to read this short philosophical writing finds it of some use. As I wish to convey that no one should ever go through Life doubting their own Self and their own Existence. Nor should they doubt their own abilities to think, ponder, dream, ask many "What if!" questions, and even ask and be able to answer their own innermost deepest questions."With Love and Light!"

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