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The Seed, Transitions and Transformations
by Sera Storm

Published on June 10, 2021

"Each Sunset carries with it the echoes of a passing day and the whispers of days to come." This photo was taken at sunset when exiting the Petrified Forest in Arizona. Sunsets in the southwest of "Turtle Island" aka North America are always some of the most beautiful sites to see. Let each of them bring to your mind those echoes of your day and then bring forth those whispers needed for your own future growth.
"A seed is only a seed unless it is planted within good grounds. With vital waters and a healthy Earth, it will grow, flourish, transition and transform to become what it is to become!"

You are each special, unique, and different. Never, ever, should you forget that!

Transition and transformation seem to be universal truths, especially in an ever-changing world. One may say that they are the vital keys to help a person unlock the doorway called the “Everywhen,” which can be accessed across all time, all places, and from within each and every moment.

I think often about this fact, because each and every person out there is a seed, and has the potential within themselves to become much more. For a person to begin that dance within their mindscape, with all the plasmatic forces of nature and all that is, they must become electrified from within. This electrification of ideas and thought is similar to those electro-biochemical reactions that occurs within a seed when it begins to grow.

"Stories from far in the past locked into the rocks of Time." Photo taken at the Petrified Forest in Arizona. This is only one small section of the petroglyph art that can be found on a large rock called "Newpaper Rock" at the Newspaper Rock State Historical Monument.

That seed, as you see it, is merely a potential of something to become, or something more than it is at that moment. For a seed to become anything more than simply being a seed, it needs sustenance of some type that may be unique to its own nature, warmth, and light. With these things, that seed can begin to flourish, grow, and become what it should or could become.

Tap into the potential within you to become what you were meant to be, or could be; enter the threshold into the Everywhen. Nourish your curiosity. Everything is an adventure! Be as adventurous as you wish to be, but be respectful of others while doing so. Never forget that you have a lot of potential. Tap into it, seek out, and seek the way to break ground for your growth and to become a better you or a “you” that you need to be.

This electrifying dance, within the journey of self, will cast alight those fires of creativity, self exploration, self expression, and an unveiling of what one might see or feel as their true self, and perhaps gain insight from realms beyond the personal self. This very much is the next step that the “seed” must take, to grow big enough within its rooted grounds to break through the surface, and to seek out the sunlight to flourish in full form.

Growing out of the shell, and stretching out toward newfound space, this transformation fueled by warmth and energy; or is the giant ball of fire? The energy in your journey of self: is it far into the distance? Or is it very close? Can you see it? Do you hear it calling your name? What lights the inspirational fire within your self? The fire within the self needs attention, care, and fuel. What fuels your fire may not be what ignites another person’s. On whatever journey you take, take note: from the ashes of the fire, you create the fertile grounds from which other seeds thrive.

-- Sera Storm

"A Seed held with no way to grow is merely a vessel holding an untapped potential."

With many Tribal Traditions throughout the world most consider each person as a seed that was born with a potential. That potential can either remain untapped or if that person so chooses to can tap into that potential following their Rainbow Path of Life.

This painting can be found on display at the Hopi Travel Center just south of the Hopi and Navajo Reservations in Arizona. The creator of it of which was unknown by any individuals at the Travel Center at the time of the taking of this photo of this art piece.

All of the art found on display at the Hopi Travel Center was created with care and love by different Indigenous Native Members of either the Hopi or Navajo Nations.

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