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Byte Me
by Jadestone

Published on February 21, 2022

Hello Dear Reader(s),

In October 2021 I was fortunate to be able to attend (and work) the Everywhen and the Electric Universe Festival in the Mojave Desert near North Edwards, California. The Everywhen is a 501(c) nonprofit that has the specific purpose to support art, artists, individuals, groups, culture, and philosophy in a way that builds lasting community and engages individuals and groups to create, share, and build ad-hoc communities within a nonpartisan inviting environment for everyone. They encourage people to Bring Art that up-cycles and reuses material when and where possible, Tell Tall Tales, Do No Harm, and Leave No Trace.

I arrived early in the week and had the first day after my evening arrival shift free to prepare for any unexpected camp setup issues. That left me with a full day of exploration and the first art installation I noticed was Byte. This pink and purple computer chip off in the distance. I walked over to inspect this wonder a bit more and met the artist, Jay, almost immediately. He allowed me to take this photo of him, even though he was hot from working in the day's heat, in front of his masterpiece.

Artist Jay Blanda in front of his creation, Byte at the Electric Universe

Byte is made of wood and covered in lighted faux fur that sparkles in the bright Mojave sun. To my amazement, it retained its softness throughout the entire event. Even after what organizers refer to as the "WTF windstorm;" an almost all-day long sandstorm that gave you free microdermabrasion treatments on any exposed skin.

At night Byte light up to be a stunning piece of art, easily visible across the event space and a great landmark when walking in the dark.

Byte at night!

Byte quickly became my favorite hangout all week long. Anytime I had free time I would make a beeline to byte. It provided great shade in the hot sun and a great ambiance in the evening hours. It was a great place to relax in the hammock and read all the messages left by people. There was also a sort of hanging garden as well under byte. Light by a purplish pink spotlight the artificial flower ropes provided a sense of relaxation, making this person almost feel like they were walking into a spa lobby.

Byte's hammock pillow

I noticed many people enjoy climbing on top of Byte and relaxing on its soft fur. One day an art car hosted a sunrise party at byte that brought many people. It was one of the most talked-about "events" at the event.

Hanging garden under Byte

I truly enjoyed my discussions with the artist when seeing him multiple times at the event. After the event, I quickly became a follower of Byte on his social media page ( to get more of Jay's art and I look forward with some anticipation to see what this amazing artist will create next!

The Everywhen will be back in the Mojave once again in October with a new theme "allegory of the cave." Art and homestead applications are up and the excitement is building. Tickets can be found at:

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