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Ice, Septic & Surviving the Desert

Published on September 15, 2021

Dear Everywhen Camper,

We're rounding the bend! Before you know it, Everywhen: The Electric Universe will be here and we'll be exchanging greetings and smiles in person! There's a lot of important news in this post, so please read on. During the event, you may need ice, and your RV may need a pump-out service; there will be a few ways to achieve each of these. 1. Go online to and scroll down for SPECIAL SERVICES. Once you add a number to the right, septic and ice will appear.

You'll be able to pre-order a few different ice products (cubed or block) and how many. You'll also be able to order RV Pump-Out Services there as well. Restrictions within Kern County do not allow us to carry out transactions on-site (although you are welcome to tip your service person), which means we all must plan in advance. Ice will be delivered to the event, where you'll need to show your proof of purchase to pick up your bags or blocks. Our Parks 'n Recreation Staff (hospitality) will take care of all ticket holders for both ice and RV pumping needs on-site during the event. These orders must be made ASAP, please do this right away. 2. California City and the city of Mojave both offer numerous ice retailers, and are both a short drive from the event should that be necessary. Additionally, nearby Borax Bill Park offers RV pumping services and potable water refilling. Leaving and returning with an event wristband is allowed. Borax Bill is just over 15 miles away from the event.