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Ice, Septic & Surviving the Desert

Dear Everywhen Camper,

We're rounding the bend! Before you know it, Everywhen: The Electric Universe will be here and we'll be exchanging greetings and smiles in person! There's a lot of important news in this post, so please read on. During the event, you may need ice, and your RV may need a pump-out service; there will be a few ways to achieve each of these. 1. Go online to and scroll down for SPECIAL SERVICES. Once you add a number to the right, septic and ice will appear.

You'll be able to pre-order a few different ice products (cubed or block) and how many. You'll also be able to order RV Pump-Out Services there as well. Restrictions within Kern County do not allow us to carry out transactions on-site (although you are welcome to tip your service person), which means we all must plan in advance. Ice will be delivered to the event, where you'll need to show your proof of purchase to pick up your bags or blocks. Our Parks 'n Recreation Staff (hospitality) will take care of all ticket holders for both ice and RV pumping needs on-site during the event. These orders must be made ASAP, please do this right away. 2. California City and the city of Mojave both offer numerous ice retailers, and are both a short drive from the event should that be necessary. Additionally, nearby Borax Bill Park offers RV pumping services and potable water refilling. Leaving and returning with an event wristband is allowed. Borax Bill is just over 15 miles away from the event. Borax Bill Park & Station, 16363 20 Mule Team Pkwy, California City, CA 93505. PS: This route is a little longer than Google Maps recommends but it is absolutely the safest route. It is NOT recommended that you drive through the desert shortcut, capish?? 3. TELL YOUR FRIENDS. Please consider posting to your social media about all the wonderful things you and your homestead will be bringing to The Everywhen. The more the merrier! 4. TICKETS. Do you have all that you need? A few last-minute tickets are left but are going fast. 5. Did you buy tickets for friends or campmates? Make sure they see this post! And speaking of tickets, Our partner Ticketspice has been absolutely great about everything but their online exchange/resale system has left a few folks confused. To deal with this, we are removing Ticketspice as the middleman and leaving the transaction details entirely up to you. If you sell a ticket, you need to work it out with the buyer, 100%. When you arrive, be prepared to show your ID and produce an UNSCANNED QR Code. Capish? As you begin to plan for your time with us, there’s a lot to know and a lot to prepare for. To get a sense of what you’re in for, the desert landscape we call home is the same location as Wasteland Weekend (another very cool event!) so, check out some of the videos posted on their youtube channel. Great stuff!

Surviving the Desert Here are a few general guidelines to help you enjoy your time at Everywhen: The Electric Universe. In short…

  • Bring everything you will need for the duration of your stay. Stay as many days as you like, and you can leave and come back. But remember there will be no vending on site.

  • Leave No Trace means you must pack out everything that you brought in, including your trash.

  • The list of what not to bring is short: Firearms, fireworks, explosives, and all pets.

DID WE MENTION: Bring everything that you need for the length of your stay-- whether that be one night or eight, be self-reliant. That includes food, water, other drinks, shade, mattress, sleeping bag, cot, clothing, sunscreen, toiletries, folding chairs and tables, and any medicine you might need. If you are fond of sleep, earplugs might be a good idea. Anything that you’d need to survive for the length of your visit, you must bring. Attendees will be allowed to leave the event for a trip to the nearby cities of Mojave or California City if there’s something you forgot to bring. Can you say Beer Run? Re-entry only with a wristband.

Speeds within the Electric Universe are limited to 5 mph. Technically, this is an off-road vehicle area with dirt roads, but most attendees drive to our event in standard cars with no issues.

Sleep in a tent, in an RV, in your car…. It’s all good, and there are no extra charges. Before setting up, check the ground for small animal homes, anthills, etc. Do not uproot plants.

Bringing a bike? The knobby-tire variety is your friend. Skinny tires will struggle. Bikes will do better on the gravel roads.

Porta-potties will be provided. They will be serviced but how clean they are at any given time is up to the last person who uses one. Do your part to keep them clean for the next person. Talking to you, hover-butt!

What kind of weather can we expect in the Mojave Desert in October? The average October daytime temperature is 70 to 80 and the low at night can be 40 to 50.. That said, you are responsible for preparing for blistering hot sun, extreme wind, and even rain. The desert in fall is a beautiful and unpredictable place.

How windy is it? Prepare for the worst, hope for the can get hella windy.

Type of stakes recommended? At least 12”, or longer 18-24” rebar or lag bolts are recommended for larger structures. Or tie down to your vehicle.

Supervised children are allowed. We encourage kids’ creativity, but keep in mind, constant supervision is REQUIRED! One legal guardian is required per child (under 18) in attendance. Only you, the parent or legal guardian, can decide whether your kids are ready to experience the freedom of expression that will be present at this event.

Cell Phones are not prohibited, and it’s slightly possible you’ll get service out there, but not guaranteed. We strongly believe in asking for the consent of any people you are photographing. Can’t wait to see your bright and shiny faces!

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